Why Bully Ray Takes Issue With Bron Breakker Vs. Ilja Dragunov On WWE Raw


While Bully may have been critical of the Breakker and Dragunov's match, he was relatively tame compared to one of Bully's former co-workers. The former WWE, ECW, and TNA star revealed to co-host Dave LaGreca that he was contacted during "Raw" by another ECW legend, who thought the match was crippling to Breakker's momentum.


"I actually got a text from The Sandman last night during the match," Bully said. "For those of you who don't know, The Sandman is a very, very smart professional wrestler. He understands this business a lot more than anybody might think, because of the whole perception of The Sandman drinking too much, yada yada yada.

"Sandman texted me saying in his opinion, that they killed Bron Breakker last night. I'm not saying I agree, but I'm saying in his eyes 'You go out of your way week after week after week to build this guy, and then you give him a 50-50 match against Ilja?' He wasn't a fan of that either."


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