VINCE MCMAHON: NBC News takes a detailed look at Vince McMahon’s life post-WWE


NBC News has a report which suggests that former WWE and TKO
Chairman Vince McMahon has “moved on” from the company and
no longer keeps in touch with any executives there regarding
company matters, including with son-in-law Paul “Triple H”
Levesque and daughter Stephanie, although he does talk
regularly to people such as John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson, and even President Donald Trump.

The report included several quotes from close friends and
acquaintances of McMahon, who said that he has been
cooperating with authorities regarding all his legal
troubles stemming from the Janel Grant lawsuit.

A McMahon attorney said that they believe an out-of-court
settlement will be reached although the attorney for Janel
Grant said no such discussions have taken place. It was
previously hinted from Grant’s legal team that they will not
take a settlement and want to go all the way to trial.

Others interviewed for the story said that McMahon, 78, has
been enjoying life since his resignation in January and
recently took a trip to Turks and Caicos Islands where he
returned with a puppy and seven kittens to give to friends.

One interviewed for the piece said that while WWE is
actually a great place to work at, Vince distracted it from
that and it’s been better since he left, with people feeling
like they’re on “steadier ground” since his departure.

Last week, McMahon put up the rest of his TKO shares up for
sale and after those are gone, his association with TKO or
WWE would finally come to nothing.

“This time, it’s like, OK, now, it’s over-over,” one of the
insiders told NBC News.


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