The Rock injured while shooting 'The Smashing Machine' scene: 'I got banged up pretty good today'


Dwayne Johnson is getting the full MMA experience during the filming of his upcoming movie, “The Smashing Machine,” as he became injured when filming a scene.

Johnson, aka The Rock, stars as former two-time UFC heavyweight tournament champion Mark Kerr in the film and has been on the training mats for months in preparation for the role.

Like a vast majority of MMA fighters who experience setbacks or even fight cancellations due to injuries, Johnson now has that first-hand experience as well, as he showed off huge swelling in his right elbow. According to Johnson, the injury occurred during the filming of a scene.

“Any time your film is called ‘The Smashing Machine,’ well, you’re going to get smashed up,” Johnson said in a video on Instagram. “… Looks like I have a cantaloupe right there on the bottom of my elbow. I got banged up pretty good today in our scenes.

“There might be some soft tissue damage in there. That’s a lot of fluid, we’ll see. I got to get it out of there first before I get any kind of MRI. But yeah, the pain feels pretty good. But all good. It is what it is, until it isn’t.”

Johnson, 52, is no stranger to injuries, as he has dealt with a host of ailments throughout his football days and his lengthy professional wrestling career. In fact, many were skeptical if he would be able to compete to the fullest of his abilities during his recent return to the ring in the lead-up to and at WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia. Luckily, Johnson made it through his matches unscathed but found the injury bug on set for his upcoming film.

The issue doesn’t appear to be a major setback, as Johnson delivered the news in jovial spirit and poured himself a glass of the tequila brand he owns, Teremana, to wash away his worries.

“Cheers to f*cking melons at the bottom of your arm.”

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