NXT ON USA: July 9 report


- The show kicks off with a recap package of NXT Heatwave.
The recap ends with another look at Joe Hendry.

- As Ethan Page enters the arena, Vic Joseph notes that he
broke Kevin Owens's record for the fastest NXT Championship
win since arriving. Oro Mensah tries to jump him, but
security stops him. Page says we are in the Era of Ego.
Trick Williams comes out, and he wants his rematch. Shawn
Spears and Je'Von Evans come out as well. They all begin
brawling, and the babyfaces clear the ring of the heels. A
tag match is set for later.

* Karmen Petrovic def. Arianna Grace

- Fallon Henley attacks Karmen Petrovic. Henley approaches
Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx, who are standing on the rampway,
and she says that she's tired of these rookies.

- Ava meets with Brooks Jensen. She says they've agreed to
give him another shot, but he has to conduct himself like a
WWE Superstar 24/7. Jensen says he will make an impact.

* Heritage Cup Match: Tony D'Angelo (c) def. Lexis King (2-

- During the match, Eddy Thorpe was DJing after every fall.

Cut to the backstage area, where Brooks Jensen is
immediately attacking Je’Von Evans. Josh Briggs pulls him
off of Evans and tries to talk some sense into him.

- Chase U is backstage, and Ridge Holland says he got Duke
Hudson a North American Title Shot next week.

* Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) def. Tyson Dupont & Tyriek

- Trick Williams tells Kelly Kincaid that he has to find a
new partner, and Joe Henry's face flashes on the screen.

- Wes Lee comes out to address his future. He teases walking
away when Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel show up from TNA
wrestling, and they reunite as they say the Rascalz are
going to wreck shop in NXT.

* Thea Hail def. Izzi Dame

- Tatum Paxley came out and distracted Izzi Dame, who beat
her up, allowing Thea to take control.

- Oba Femi confronts Duke Hudson after the match. Hudson
says he's going to take the North American Championship next

- The Rascalz set up a match with all three members of
Gallus next week.

- Briggs & Jensen are talking to Ava. Ava says Jensen is
going to fight Evans next week. Briggs wants a match against
Shawn Spears.

* OTM (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima) def. The OC (Luke Gallows
& Karl Anderson)

- Michin tried to come out and neutralize Jaida Parker, but
Gallows and Anderson still lost the contest.

- It was insinuated that No Quarter Catch Crew stuffed Damon
Kemp in a trunk because Bobby Steveson is no longer with
WWE. Wren Sinclair spotted them in the parking lot. She
pretended not to see anything, and they drove away.

* Sol Ruca def. Fallon Henley by DQ.

- Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx attacked Ruca, causing the
disqualification. Again, they left ringside with Henley

- NXT Anonymous spotted Tatum Paxley yelling at a doll while
pretending they were Izzi Dame. Paxley severed its head
before Wendy Choo scooped it up.

- Cedric Alexander was seen backstage with Ava and Stevie
Turner. Ava informed Mr. Stone that Turner arranged the
meeting and that Alexander was now in NXT. Stone sent
someone on the phone to the office, where Ashonte Thee
Adonis strolled up. They walked inside Ava's office, as
Adonis was Stone's pitch for NXT. Since the meetings were
separate, it's not clear if Cedric and Adonis are going to
continue teaming up in NXT

* Trick Williams & Joe Hendry def. Ethan Page & Shawn Spears

- Oro Mensah popped up Midway through the match and took out
the champion, leaving Spears to fight Joe and Williams by
himself, and Joe ended up getting the pin with his chokeslam
maneuver. The NXT Universe popped huge for everything he
did. They believe.


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