NXT ON USA: 25-man battle royal next week to determine #1 contender for NXT title


The new number one contender for the NXT title will be
determined next week in a 25-man over-the-top rope battle
royal. The news was announced by WWE champion Cody Rhodes
when he appeared in an in-ring segment with champ Trick
Williams last night on NXT on USA Network.

But there is a twist.

Cody said that that while Williams might know most of them,
he warned him that some of the entrants are from a
“different locker room,” and considering WWE’s relationship
with TNA at the moment, it would not be surprising that some
of the TNA stars are in this match.

Before Cody left, Trick Williams said that with July around
the corner, he had one serious question for him.

“On behalf of all my people, we all wanna know, are you
coming to the cookout?” Trick asked.

“Yes I am coming to the cookout,” Cody responded to a big
ovation from the crowd.


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