Nate Diaz walks out on final tour stop: ‘Square off with yourself motherf**ker’


Nate Diaz was done with his cross-country press conference tour Friday night.

After several questions asked to each fighter and their teams, Diaz apparently had enough of Jorge Masvidal challenging multiple fans to a fight and called it an early night.

“It was a fun tour going out here and all this s*** all over f****** USA. I’m done with all this s***. I’m cool off with all this f****** talking s***. I got a whole team to represent. I don’t want to do none of this. I never did want to do any of it.

“F*** this n***a and f*** his team, bro. I’m out. I gotta go. Square off with yourself motherf*****.”

“Just show up to the fight. That’s it. Just show up to the fight, man,” said Masvidal in response.

The final stop of the press tour lasted 18 minutes.

Masvidal and Diaz will square off on pay-per-view on June 1 in Los Angeles.

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