Matt Brown criticizes Jake Paul ‘trying to be f*cking hard’ talking trash to Mike Tyson: ‘So cringe’


In his prime, Mike Tyson was not only the heavyweight champion in boxing, but he was pound-for-pound one of the most terrifying human beings to ever compete in combat sports.

The scary demeanor Tyson carried to the ring was only magnified by the ferocious way he knocked out his opponents. Tyson carried dynamite in both hands and he had a reputation for viciously picking apart fighters before leaving their broken, unconscious bodies on the canvas after he was done with them.

Of course, Tyson’s best days have long since passed, which is why there’s so much concern about the 57-year-old former champion returning to the ring for a boxing match against Jake Paul in July. In terms of accomplishments and boxing skills, Paul doesn’t come anywhere close to Tyson, but he’s still a fighter with huge power in his hands going up against an elder statesmen more than 30 years his senior.

That said, recently retired UFC welterweight Matt Brown explained on the latest episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer why Paul’s decision to talk trash to Tyson to sell their fight might end up as his biggest error yet.

“I think the worst thing Jake Paul could do is go talk shit to Mike Tyson like he’s doing,” Brown said. “It just doesn’t add up to me. Like Mike Tyson is an old stoner at this point. He’s a podcaster. He doesn’t give a f*ck about fighting. He’s in there to make money.

“But now you want to awaken that old beast? What in the f*cking hell are you thinking, bro? I don’t care if he’s 60 years old. I train with [Mark] Coleman at 60 all the time. I don’t want to get hit by Coleman. I don’t care how old that motherf*cker is.”

As a former UFC heavyweight champion, Mark Coleman hasn’t fought since 2010 and he’s also undergone four hip replacement surgeries in recent years not to mention a harrowing health scare after he rescued his parents when their house caught fire back in March.

Just a few weeks after fighting for his life in the hospital, Coleman returned to the gym where he’s continued training alongside Brown and the fighters at his Immortal Martial Arts center in Columbus, Ohio.

He may not be the same Coleman who won UFC gold and became the first PRIDE Grand Prix champion, but Brown knows from personal experience that there’s still plenty of fight left in “The Hammer.”

That’s why Brown believes Tyson probably has some fuel left in his tank as well and Paul’s behavior is likely only motivating him to ignite that into a raging fire.

“When I see a guy like Mark Coleman, who comes in my gym all the time, 60 years old, around the age of Mike Tyson, 58, 59, close to 60 — and the abuse he’s done to his body through the drugs, the alcohol, not training for years and then I see him train — it gives me hope for Mike Tyson,” Brown said.


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