Konnan Points Out Wisdom WWE Star Dominik Mysterio Displays


Since betraying his father, Rey Mysterio, and turning heel to join Judgment Day back in September 2022, Dominik Mysterio has seen his career take off as one of the most loathed heels in WWE. Among those praising his work the most is AAA booker, and Mysterio's godfather, Konnan, who also had a hand in getting Mysterio in the door when he began training with Jay Lethal back in 2017.


Appearing on "Busted Open Radio" on Tuesday, Konnan continued the praise towards his godson, specifically pointing to two interviews Mysterio had done, including one where he insulted his father for wearing a mask, as a sign of Mysterio's skill as a heel. Konnan even went as far to suggest that Mysterio had developed a wisdom beyond his years on how to effectively play a heel, something he feels many others in similar positions are lacking.

"He's doing cool heel s**t," Konnan said. "But all the other heels today, everybody wants to be applauded. They want it to be 'wink wink.' Hall and Nash started this by the way. They want to be the 'wink wink' cool heel, which makes the babyface look like s**t. It divides the audience, and they want people to buy their merch. 


"And Dom even told me this, which is something I've always said, and he said it to me. He goes 'Bro, if you do something and it's different, people will buy your merch at anytime.' And I go 'Dude, I can't believe you already caught that with only three or four years in the business.' Everyone else is 'I don't want to look bad. I want people to buy my merch.'"

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