DREW GULAK:Drew Gulak written off TV following Ronda Rousey claims


It seems that Drew Gulak’s time in WWE is coming to an end
as the former Cruiserweight champion has been removed from
the No Quarter Catch Crew group on NXT.

It was alluded on the show last night that Tony D’Angelo’s
family took care – wink wink – of Gulak since NQCC had “no
cojones” to do it themselves but the group didn’t pay for,
ahem, the hit.

“Who said anything about payments?” Charlie Dempsey
responded. “I thought you were doing it for the good of the
business. There was trash and it needed to be taken care of
and that’s what you did.”

Gulak’s run in the promotion came to a halt after former Raw
and Smackdown Women’s champion Ronda Rousey accused him of
inappropriate behavior towards her backstage at a WWE show.
Rousey said that Gulak grabbed the string of her sweatpants
as he was walking by and nobody reacted.

Ronda said that she told Gulak that if she hears that he put
his hands on any other woman or do anything like that to her
ever again, they were going to have a big problem.

Gulak responded publicly as well, saying that he stopped to
say hi and shake hands and accidentally touched her
drawstring, calling it a complete accident and said he had
apologized for it.

Bryan Alvarez reported on the situation, saying that WWE did
hold an investigation and talked to eyewitnesses who were
there and while the outcome was not revealed, his fate on
WWE TV should give you a hint at what as concluded.


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