Cody Rhodes & Logan Paul Clarify Stakes Of Saudi Arabia Title Match On WWE SmackDown


After United States Champion Logan Paul was named as Cody Rhodes' next challenger for the Undisputed WWE Championship, there has been a great deal of confusion regarding the stakes of the match. The general belief was that both the Undisputed WWE Championship and the United States Championship would be on the line, but nothing was made official. During Friday night's contract signing on "WWE SmackDown," however, Paul made the stakes for his match with Rhodes very clear: He is unwilling to defend the United States Championship, and their fight will be exclusively for the Undisputed WWE Championship.


Rhodes and Paul, who was accompanied by a litigator and an assorted variety of lackeys, met with Nick Aldis to publicly confirm their King and Queen of the Ring main event match. Rhodes spoke at length about his aspirations to become a Grand Slam champion by claiming Paul's United States Championship, before Paul interrupted him. Paul then unceremoniously ripped up Aldis' copy of the contract in the middle of the ring, claiming that he had not agreed to defend his US title. Paul's litigator then brought forth a new contract, stating that Paul and Rhodes' match would solely be for Rhodes' WWE title.

After Rhodes dismissed an incensed Aldis, Paul berated the world champion, claiming Rhdes was unworthy of a US title opportunity. Rhodes, offended and angry, signed Paul's new contract. Not a moment after, Paul attempted to blindside the Undisputed WWE Champion. Rhodes responded by throwing Paul out of the ring and leveling one of his lackeys for good measure. Paul was left walking up the ramp with his team, making it known that Rhodes had signed "a death wish."


Paul and Rhodes are expected to clash in the main event of King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia on May 25. This is Rhodes' second title defense since winning the title from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 — he defeated AJ Styles at WWE Backlash in France.


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