Chael Sonnen reacts to Jorge Masvidal calling him a ‘fake-ass gangster’: ‘I have more felonies than he does’


Chael Sonnen seems to be confused about Jorge Masvidal calling him out — and calling him a “fake-ass gangster” — but as expected, Sonnen had some things to say in response.

Masvidal mentioned how he’d love to fight Sonnen, calling Sonnen plenty of choice names on The MMA Hour. While Sonnen had plenty to say in regards to the interview, he also wanted to address the fake gangster part of the equation.

“Jorge Masvidal tried to come at me and call me a fake gangster. I have more felonies than he does, which is jailhouse talk. I wouldn’t expect any of you to be impressed by that, but it means he sleeps on the bottom bunk, and he will know what that means,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel.

Masvidal discussed competing in a boxing match now that he has retired from MMA, perhaps with former UFC opponent Nate Diaz, and also mentioned Sonnen as an ideal opponent.

“But Chael would be one guy I would love to break his eye orbital,” Masvidal said. “Just because he’s such a cheating f***. He’s gotten caught with more substances in his body than any other competitor in history. At one time he had six or seven difference substances in his body for one of his title fights. You’re a f****** piece of s*** human being. You could go out there and hurt somebody just so you can f****** make a paycheck? Because when you’re on steroids, as everybody knows you become a super soldier. So Chael would be somebody I would love to f*** up. And I would just tell him do all the steroids you want, it doesn’t matter. I’m still going to break your eye orbital.”

Sonnen was told by many people around him that Masvidal challenged him to a fight, but when Sonnen went back and saw the words said by “Gamebred,” he wasn’t sure if it was for sanctioned or non-sanctioned combat.

“I didn’t know if I was challenged or if I was threatened,” Sonnen said. “If I was a competitive fighter, I would understand — I have been challenged. By a guy much littler than I, but I have been challenged nonetheless, in an equal opportunity. I didn’t say you’ve got to be bigger. Laws of the streets, I would prefer it. But either way, if it’s your idea, we’ll overlook that.

“But because I’m not a competitive fighter, I felt that I was threatened. Either way, policy will still be applied. I will not let him get close. I cannot trust Jorge Masvidal. [He] will be in Miami next week, where I will be. Jorge Masvidal will be at [UFC 299] next week, where I will be. It sounds to me like we’re starting to bring pieces together. Now, he will have to wave to me, I will have to send up an usher to bring him a few levels down so he can get a little closer to the action where I’ll be seated, but we can have that chat.

“I will be the person in the nice trim suit with the somewhat dimmed glasses and a crowd of people onlooking. I assume he will be the thug with a hood up that I need to have my eye out for.”

Sonnen then went on to question why Masvidal would post images on social media of him in Diaz’s home city of Stockton, Calif., more so because someone took the photo of the inaugural “BMF” champion — which in Sonnen’s eyes means he rolled up in Stockton with multiple people. Sonnen deemed that a “coward” move.

Sonnen ultimately didn’t take Masvidal’s visit to Stockton gym seriously, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll keep his guard down if he has a run-in with Masvidal next week in Miami.

“Am I being asked for something,” Sonnen asked. “Am I being asked for my hand? Am I being asked to meet at a certain location at a certain time? I can’t imagine that I would start [saying no to Masvidal] now by saying no to my friend. Or am I being fake threatened? Because I know Nate wasn’t real threatened ... and I know [Masvidal] was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood on it, which is the very thing that he wore on his mugshot on TMZ the night that he attacked Colby Covington. I’ve got to take this guy at his word.

“So if he’s looking for me, I just ask that he say — so I can be clear — a few more words.”


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