Chad Gable Has A Question For The WWE Universe Ahead Of Clash At The Castle 2024


Chad Gable is set to have another shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship during Clash at the Castle this weekend. Ever since facing Sami Zayn after WrestleMania 40, Gable has slowly given into his darker nature, and has shown that capturing the title is more important than even The Alpha Academy. Due to his heel turn, many fans have turned on him in his pursuit of the championship. Despite this, Gable still doesn't seem to understand why he's receiving all the hate, and recently shared a picture of him holding up the Intercontinental Championship after his attack on Zayn not too long ago, questioning the fans to make him understand why he's undeserving. "What feels wrong about this? Go ahead, I'll wait..."


What feels wrong about this?

Go ahead, I'll wait... pic.twitter.com/wIzR8NIkSi

— Chad Gable (@WWEGable) June 12, 2024

Gable has notably been compared to Kurt Angle's most infamous inaugural TNA heel run, where many fans called him "Perc Angle" due to his heavy usage of Percocets at the time, which many attribute to his unhinged behavior and wild onscreen antics. Like Angle during this run, "Perc Gable" is similarly unhinged and obsessed with a singular goal. Only time will tell if Gable ultimately dethrones Zayn and ends his run at just over 61 days.

Interestingly, Gable is another current WWE star whose deal with the promotion is coming up very soon. According to "Wrestling Observer," WWE has offered him a good deal, but the star has yet to put pen to paper and accept the deal. Additionally, AEW is said to be interested in picking him up, with some top talent allegedly advising him to sign with them. The outcome of the Gable vs. Zayn match this weekend might just end up being an indication of his decision as well.



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