Carmella Discusses Eventual WWE Return


Former SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella hasn't been on WWE television in over a year after taking time off due to pregnancy, and although she's wanted to return to the ring for several months, a non-wrestling injury is currently keeping her out of action. Carmella is suffering from two herniated discs in her back that are correlated to her foot, leaving it not functioning properly at the moment. Speaking on "The Nikki and Brie Show," Carmella labelled this injury as Drop Foot, a condition that can be developed when trying to push the baby out. 


Appearing on "Insight," the former Ms. Money in the Bank revealed that she's struggling to remain active, and couldn't provide an update on when she'll return to the ring, but is trying to focus on being a mother while figuring out a timeline to come back. "I would love to return. I mean, obviously, I'm so immersed in this motherhood world right now ... I haven't been able to do anything that will get me back to the ring quite yet. Hopefully, eventually, I'll get there. But right now I'm just kind of working, I'm going to be in physical therapy and things like that, too. I mean, I've been wrestling for 11 years, I've never been injured knock on wood. And now here I have a baby and I'm going to physical therapy so I don't know how that works out. But here we go."


Carmella also mentioned how she was unaware that an injury of this severity could be sustained during labor, and hopes to avoid further nerve damage in the future. 

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Insight" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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