Bully Ray Uses WWE Raw Match To Explain 'The Simple Things' & 'Old School Rules'


Bully Ray believes that some of wrestling's tried-and-tested methods are evergreen, and he praised a "WWE Raw" match as an example of them working in the modern day. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Ray cited Ludwig Kaiser vs. Sheamus from the June 3 edition of "Raw" as a bout that told a simple, yet effective, story.


"Too many people, too many wrestlers, too many talents, too many entertainers, have gotten away from the simple things that have worked for a hundred years," Ray said. "[Kaiser and Sheamus] told the story of the leg — so simple, they've been doing it forever. How come it worked again? Because the characters are there, and the storytelling in the match is there."

The match in question saw Kaiser work on Sheamus' knee throughout its duration, with "The Celtic Warrior" selling it as a legitimate injury. The contest culminated with the Imperium member hitting Sheamus' knee with an Enzuigiri and picking up the victory afterward. According to Ray, people will suspend their disbelief if the action is conducted properly, as he believes it was in this match.


Additionally, Ray believes that Kaiser's association with GUNTHER and their team's eventual disbandment will help establish the former as a singles star. Once again, this is an old-school wrestling storytelling trope he believes has worked for eons.

"One day, he's gonna be standing in that ring with GUNTHER, and GUNTHER is going to tell him what to do, and Kaiser is going to look back at him and go, 'No.' And people are gonna get behind Kaiser because they're going to see the great matches he has under his belt." Ray added. "The old-school rules of the professional wrestling business will never ever let us down."


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