BRANDI RHODES: Brandi Rhodes recovering after surgery from stage four endometriosis


Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi revealed that she underwent surgery
after she was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis.

Stage four of endometriosis is considered severe and it’s
characterized by many deep endometrial implants and large
cysts on at least one ovary.

Brandi said that after reading what Maryse went through and
her diagnosis of pre-cancerous tumors, she decided to tackle
her problem after three years of pain with no answers.

“Many appts later, we found the answer. Stage 4
endometriosis. Successful surgery today,” she wrote.
“Ladies, listen to your bodies. We don’t have to live with
pain. Advocate for yourself. Finally on the road to
recovery, we have to talk more about women’s health.”

Brandi thanked her husband, writing that she is blessed with
his love.


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