from the Truist Arena in Highland Heights, KY!

It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday
night’s alright for fighting!

Tony Schiavone and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard were the
broadcast team for tonight’s event.

Footage aired from last night in Chicago, IL at Windy City
Riot where Jon Moxley captured the New Japan Pro-Wrestling
IWGP World Heavyweight Championship!

Trios Match!

House of Black—Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King
Dante Martin, Action Andretti, & Matt Sydal!

Action and Buddy locked up, countering wrist locks on one
another. Sydal grabbed a bling tag and cradled Buddy for a
two-count. Malakai Black entered the fay but so did Dante
Martin, who flipped from the top turnbuckle and crash landed
onto Malakai.

Black blasted Action with a pump kick. Brody tagged in and
bulldozed Andretti. With assistance from Black’s kick, Brody
suplexed Action and then flew through the ropes and wiped
out all three members of the opposition on the arena floor.

Matt Sydal tagged in and scored on Buddy with a leg lariat.
He stunned Malakai with a rising knee strike. Brody charged
at Sydal, but Sydal saw it and moved out of the way, sending
Brody through the ropes and onto the arena floor. Black and
Matthews double teamed Sydal, gaining the advantage for
their team.

Dante took flight but Malakai caught him and countered.
Dante went back up again, but Brody knocked him down this
time. Dante staggered Malakai with a kick to the back of the
head. Dante went over the top rope with a swan dive onto
Brody King.

Action tagged in and went for the Lights, Camera, Action,
but Black escaped. Black moonsaulted off the top and out
onto Action on the floor. The House of Black were served up
stereo thrust kicks from Action, Dante, and Sydal! Dante
smashed Brody with a frog splash as Brody was trying to pin
Action Andretti.

The fans chanted “A-E-W! A-E-W!”

Andretti hit a 450 on Brody but Brody kicked right out.
Sydal attempted a meteora, but Brody shrugged him off and
launched him into the turnbuckles. Brody blasted Sydal with
a running cannonball with some assistance from Black and
Matthews and scored the pinfall victory!

“Copeland, I’m coming for your head!” said Brody.

Footage aired from this past Wednesday’s Dynamite, where
Chris Jericho went looking for Taz backstage!

Jericho: “Taz, listen, I wanted to catch you before you left
the building. You saw what happened tonight. I want to
explain myself to Hook and let him know I’m trying to do
what’s right for him, but he won’t answer his phone, he
won’t answer his texts. You know him better than anybody
else. Can you do me a favor? Can you please ask him if he’ll
talk to me?”

Taz: “I can try. He’s his own man, he does his own thing.
He’s unpredictable and I do think you pissed him off.”

Jericho: “Do me a favor and at least try. I really want to
talk to him.”

Taz: “I’ll try.”

Shane Taylor Promotions’ Lee Moriarty vs. Katsuyori Shibata!

Anthony Ogogo joined the commentary team for this match.

Moriarty and Shibata chain wrestled to start the match. Lee
resorted to a kick to Shibata’s abdomen. Shibata took Lee
down to the mat and applied a modified figure four leg lock.
Lee managed to reach the ropes, forcing the ref to break the

Outside the ring, Ogogo connected with a shot to Shibata’s
ribcage as Shane Taylor had the ref distracted. Back in the
squared circle, Lee chopped at Shibata’s chest. Shibata
absorbed every bit of it and walked and stalked toward Lee
Moriarty. Shibata cracked Lee with chops and jabs. Shibata
nailed Lee with a running dropkick.

Lee blocked a kick and countered with a kick of his own.
Shibata dazed Lee with a pump kick. Shibata used a rip cord
into a slap, then drilled Moriarty with a PK to the face and
pinned Moriarty.

After the match, Shane Taylor stomped on Shibata. Hook came
down to the ring to even up the odds. Hook sent Lee flying
with a suplex. Hook and Shane Taylor had a stare down ahead
of their match tonight, and Taylor eventually left the ring
with the rest of Shane Taylor Promotions.

Daniel Garcia vs. Angelico (with Serpentico)!

Angelico had the upper hand early on. Garcia rallied back
with a figure four lock. Angelico reversed it, but Garcia
turned it back around. Both men rolled to the ropes and then
began to kick one another. Angelico smoked Garcia with his
right hand. Garcia retaliated with a swinging neck breaker.

Garcia scored with a double underhook suplex. Garcia
delivered a running forearm shot to Angelico. Garcia applied
a leg lock, wrenched backwards, and Angelico tapped out!

“The Bastard” Pac was backstage with strong words for Okada!

Pac said he had a perpetual headache after the attack from
AEW Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada last week. Pac said
he is better than Okada and next Sunday at AEW DYNASTY, he
will relish the opportunity to prove it in front of the
entire world.

AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Match!
“Timeless” Toni Storm (c.) (with Mariah May & Luther) vs.

AZM tripped Storm with a leg sweep and then dropkicked the
champ. Anna Jay was at ringside to cheer on AZM. Toni Storm
hip checked AZM and AZM was knocked out of the ring. Anna
Jay and Mariah May brawled at ringside, fighting to the

AZM whipped Toni Storm into the steel ring steps. AZM ran
across the ring apron and kicked Toni in the face. AZM and
Storm traded forearms in the ring. AZM rocked Storm in the
head with a spin kick.

Storm was dumped on her head with a modified German suplex
from AZM. The challenger followed up with a shotgun dropkick
from the top rope for a near fall. Storm rallied back with a
powerbomb for a two-count on AZM.

AZM cradled Storm for a near fall. Storm used a release
German suplex, a hip attack, and then the Storm Zero to pin

Mariah May came back to the ring with glasses of champagne
and celebrated with Storm!

“Toni Storm earned that one. That was a tough one,” said

Tony Schiavone interviewed Thunder Rosa on the ramp!

Thunder Rosa: “I’m here for a reason and that is to remind
people that I don’t need help. And I’m talking directly to
you, Deonna Purrazzo. I don’t need your help to win the AEW
Women’s World Championship against Toni Storm next week at
Dynasty. I’m here in AEW because it’s where the best
wrestle! I have an opportunity at Dynasty and I’m going to
win the title, Toni! I will carry more than the title. I
will carry the pride of my people.

“If I have to break every single bone in my body to uplift
and empower every single woman in that locker room who fight
every day for an opportunity, I will. And Toni, you should
kiss your clone goodbye because she made a mistake trying to
erase my face paint! You won’t like what’s underneath it!”

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo was backstage!

Purrazzo: “Thunder Rosa if you don’t want my help, that’s
fine. I’ll help myself. When I staked my claim at the AEW
Women’s World Title, it wasn’t personal. I am a workhorse. I
am ‘the Virtuosa.’ If I can’t get one Toni Storm, I might as
well get the other.

“So next week, Mariah May versus Deonna Purrazzo, and I’m
going to break your heart!”

Tony Schiavone was given some blockbuster news from Tony
Khan to relay to viewers! New week at Dynasty, live on pay-
per-view, the Young Bucks will face FTR for the AEW World
Tag Team Championship…and now it’ll be in a Ladder Match!

Collision Main Event Time!

Blackpool Combat Club’s “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson &
Claudio Castagnoli
The Don Callis Family’s Powerhouse Hobbs & ROH World TV
Champion Kyle Fletcher!

The two teams brawled around the ring. Danielson hit
Fletcher with a running dropkick in the corner. Claudio held
the arms of Hobbs while Danielson bludgeoned Hobbs with
kicks. Danielson whipped Fletcher into the guardrail.

Claudio smashed Hobbs with forearms. Claudio scooped up
Hobbs, slammed him, and then squashed him with a double
stomp! Claudio dropped Hobbs across the top rope, and tagged
out to Danielson, who dropped a knee to Hobbs from the top

Hobbs used his strength to nail Claudio with a vertical
suplex. Fletcher tagged in but Claudio steamrolled him with
a running European Uppercut! Claudio was distracted by Hobbs
who was on the outside of the ring. Fletcher seized the
opportunity to dropkick Claudio.

Danielson rocked Kyle with a spin kick to the side of the
head. Danielson went for a plancha, but Hobbs caught him in
midair. Danielson escaped a powerslam attempt and shoved
Hobbs into the steel ring post!

“This one is breaking down like we thought it would!” said

“This is awesome! This is awesome!” the fans chanted.

Fletcher and Claudio brawled into the crowd. Danielson
jumped off the guardrail and wiped out Fletcher. Danielson
clubbed Hobbs with round kicks. Fletcher was looking for a
piledriver on the floor but Danielson back dropped his way
out of it.

Danielson hit an avalanche belly to back suplex on Kyle for
a near fall. Danielson applied the Le Bell Lock, but Hobbs
jumped into the ring with a headbutt, breaking Danielson’s
grip. Claudio clocked Fletcher and Hobbs with running
European Uppercuts. Claudio put Hobbs in the Giant Swing!
Claudio put Hobbs in the sharpshooter. Kyle jumped into the
ring, trying to free Hobbs with kicks to Claudio but it
didn’t work. Finally, Claudio let go of the hold and smashed
Fletcher with a pop up European Uppercut. When Claudio
turned around, Hobbs was waiting for him and planted him
with a spinebuster for a near fall!

“Powerhouse Hobbs almost won it,” said Schiavone.

Claudio hoisted up Hobbs and drilled him with a Death Valley
Driver for a two-count! Claudio and Hobbs rammed each other
with lariats. Claudio knocked Hobbs off his feet with a
running lariat. From outside the ring, Fletcher grabbed
Claudio’s ankle and tripped him up. Hobbs lunged at Claudio
and then planted him with the World’s Strongest Slam!
Danielson jumped in to break up the pin attempt by Hobbs.

Hobbs grabbed a steel chair, but the ref pulled it away from
Hobbs. Danielson blasted Hobbs with round kicks, but
Fletcher flew out of the ring with a tope suicida to
Danielson! Claudio jumped off the announcers’ table and
delivered a hurricanrana to Fletcher. Claudio flattened
Fletcher with the Neutralizer and pinned Kyle Fletcher!

After the match, Takeshita ambushed Claudio! Fletcher
grounded and pounded on Danielson! Takeshita walloped
Danielson with a brain buster on the floor! Claudio called
for medical staff to check on Danielson!


Lexy Nair interviewed FTW Champion HOOK backstage!

Shibata interrupted to tell HOOK that he had his back. HOOK
said he appreciated it, but he had something in store for
Shane Taylor.

FTW Championship Match!
HOOK (c.) vs. Shane Taylor Promotions’ Shane Taylor!

Hook battered Taylor with stiff strikes outside the ring,
taking it to the much bigger Shane Taylor. Shane Taylor
waffled Hook with a thunderous chop, nearly caving in Hook’s
chest. Taylor went to town with a liver shot.

Shane Taylor headbutted Hook and taunted him. Taylor picked
up Hook for a suplex and planted him across the top rope.
Taylor splashed Hook with a leg drop on the ring apron.

“The title is in big time jeopardy,” said Daddy Magic.

Taylor was decimating Hook with body shots. Hook crumbled to
the mat. Ref Paul Turner checked on Hook, but there is no
quit in Hook. Taylor went for a splash in the corner, but
Hook side stepped it. Hook rallied back with strikes to
Taylor. Hook suplexed Taylor!

“Holy hell what did we just see!” said Schiavone.

Shane Taylor splashed Hook from the middle turnbuckle, and
somehow Hook kicked out before the three-count. Hook jumped
on Taylor’s back and applied the Red Rum! Taylor tried to
fight out of it, falling backwards with all of his weight
onto Hook. The FTW Champ let go for a moment and then
reapplied the Red Rum submission! Hook won via ref stoppage!

AEW International Championship Eliminator Match!

Undisputed Kingdom’s Roderick Strong (c.) (with Wardlow &
ROH World Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett & Matt Taven)
Rocky Romero!

“With the problems within Best Friends, there’s no one out
here to help Rocky,” said Schiavone.

Rocky wrenched on Roddy’s arm. Rocky and Roddy traded chops.
Roderick nailed Rocky with a back breaker for a two-count.
Rocky retaliated with a dropkick. Rocky smashed Roderick
with a double stomp off the apron onto the arena floor.
Rocky wiped out Taven and then Roderick with tope suicidas.
Rocky followed up with the Sliced Bread for a near fall.

Roddy hit the sick kick on Rocky. Rocky countered a back
breaker with a hurricanrana and then a DDT on the champ for
a near fall! Rocky stunned Roderick with a Sliced Break from
the top rope! Rocky tried for a high cross body press, but
Roderick countered with a knee strike, knocking out Rocky!
Roddy covered Rocky and scored the pin!

After the match, Kyle O’Reilly hugged his friend Roderick
and then checked on Rocky. Kyle helped Rocky to his feet,
but Wardlow was there waiting, nearly decapitating Rocky
with a running lariat! Roderick rocked Kyle with a jumping
knee strike!

“I don’t know what’s happening!” said Daddy Magic.

Roderick screamed at Kyle and said Kyle had made the wrong

“These guys are long time friends! What just happened?”
asked Daddy Magic.

Lexy Nair was backstage to interview “The Professor” Serena

Deeb: “I was watching Yuka’s very impressive victory last
week and I thought, I’d love to tear it up with her. And
tonight, the Professor is here at Battle of the Belts, and I
have yet to receive my championship opportunity. And I’m not
worried about it because since my return, I’m undefeated.
And I checked the rankings and I’m sitting pretty at number
three, baby. Week by week, climbing my way to number one, to
inevitably become champion. So, Yuka consider last week an
invitation to Deeb’s Dojo so you can show me how good you
are, and I can show you that I’m better.”

BATTLE OF THE BELTS X Main Event! ROH Women’s World
Championship Match!

Athena (c.) (with ROH Women’s World TV Champion Billie
Starkz) vs. Red Velvet!

Red Velvet dropkicked Athena and then took her back down
with an arm drag. Red Velvet followed up with a leg lariat.

Tony Schiavone had some breaking news from Tony Khan! Next
week at Dynasty it’ll be AEW Continental Champion Roderick
Strong putting his title on the line against Kyle O’Reilly!

Athena planted Red Velvet back first on the ring apron!
Athena climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Red Velvet rocked
her with a kick, followed by a reverse rana. Red Velvet
spiked Athena with a DDT for a near fall!

Red Velvet jumped off the turnbuckles to the outside, but
Athena caught her and countered with a massive press slam on
the arena floor! Athena cracked Red Velvet with a pump kick!
Athena grabbed Red Velvet by the hair and whipped her into
the LED boards. Athena smacked Red Velvet with a forearm and
then rocked Red Velvet with the O-Face, scoring the pin!

After the match, Billie grabbed Red Velvet so Red could
shake hands with Athena. Red Velvet had enough and fired
back with stiff shots. Red Velvet was outnumbered, and
Billie and Athena began to pummel her. Queen Aminata
sprinted to the ring and headbutted Billie. Athena charged
at Queen Aminata, but Queen Aminata countered with an Air
Raid Crash!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from
Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN!

Get ready for AEW DYNASTY, live on pay-per-view, Sunday,
April 21st at 8pm ET/5pm PT from the Chaifetz Arena in St.
Louis, MO!


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