Young Bucks Talk About Complaints That AEW Has Too Many Factions

In an interview with TV Insider, The Young Bucks addressed complaints that there are too many factions in AEW, which includes the group they just joined. Here are highlights:

Nick Jackson on the story with Kenny Omega finally playing out: “It has been brewing since AEW started. We finally felt like we had to pick a side just because it was unfair for fans. We felt like they didnt know what to feel. We committed to the heel side. Matt feels most comfortable as a heel. I do to an extent. Thats what makes us The Young Bucks. We enjoy these long-term stories because the payoff feels so much better.”

Matt Jackson on how this heel run will turn out: “Were committing to this. We havent been true heels for many, many years. Being a bad guy is what helped get us over in wrestling. I dont think people realize what were capable of doing as bad guys. Were going to bring back a lot of stuff that is tried and true. A lot of stuff we did in Japan or the independents. But we also want to bring in a new version of the Young Bucks. On Wednesday, were going to have a new look. The other thing making us different is having Don Callis with us. Talk about a heatseeker. In AEW, youve seen the happy-go-lucky, Disney version of The Young Bucks. We smile and pose. Youre not going to see that anymore.”

Nick on the complaints about the number of factions in AEW: “New Japan Pro Wrestling has been booking factions for more than 40 years, and theyre still around. I see the argument, but I think North American fans have never seen this many at one time. They are used to one, two, or three stables in a company. Its easier to book angles. Its easy to get more people involved with different groups. If youre not aligned in a stable, youre alone, and thats hard to book sometimes. Thats why we have a lot of factions. It has clearly worked.”

Matt on possible trios belts: “We actually just mentioned that to [president] Tony Khan last week. Its something weve been talking about for a while. I think its something we will do. Its just a matter of when.”

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