WWE/PEACOCK: Peacock adds 9 million subs in Q1 2021, credits The Office and WWE Network

Posted on 4/30/121 by Colin Vassallo

In the Q1 2021 earnings results, Comcast today announced
that the streaming service Peacock now has a total of 42
million subscribers in the United States although the
numbers of how many of them are paid was not released.

Comcast credited the 9 million subscriber increase in the
quarter to The Office and the addition of the WWE Network.
The new subscribers number is down from the 11 million they
added in Q4 2020. Despite this, Peacock outnumbered Netflix
in new sign-ups for the quarter but Netflix has no free
tier, so all their sign-ups are paying members whereas with
Peacock, there could be a large percentage who are on the
free tier.

Peacock refused to give out details of how many new
subscribers signed up with the WWE promo code since the WWE
Network moved there on March 18 and also did not disclose
how many streams WrestleMania had.

In the earnings press release, the Peacock entry headline is
listed as Peacock Has 42 Million Sign-Ups to Date Across
the U.S., Benefiting from the Recent Addition of Exclusive
Domestic Streaming Rights to WWE Network and The Office.

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