WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: July 16 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 7/17/121 by Bob Magee

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
July 16, 2021
Houston, Texas (Toyota Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

A video package airs hyping up the return of the WWE

Live in the arena, out comes Vince McMahon onto the stage.
He asks everyone where the hell they have been and he heads
to the back.

Great pops for everyone there. Roman Reigns, The Usos, the
Mysterio's and Edge. The fans are massively hyped for this.

Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) July 17, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns and The Usos with Paul Heyman vs. Edge, Rey and
Dominik Mysterio

The bell rings and we are under way. Roman distracts Edge as
Jey attacks him from behind. Jey to the ropes but a Edge
drops him face first onto the mat. Dominik is tagged in and
an arm bar on Jey as Rey is tagged in and they double team
him. A back elbow by Jey and Jimmy is tagged in. An arm drag
take down by Rey and Edge is tagged in.

They double team Jimmy and Rey is tagged in. They double
team Jimmy. Rey goes for the cover but Jimmy kicks out.
Dominik is tagged in and they double team Jimmy. Dominik
goes for the cover but Jimmy kicks out. An arm drag by
Dominik. Right hands by Dominik as Jey is tagged in and he
knocks Dominik down. Roman is tagged in as he drags Dominik
to the outside of the ring. He throws Dominik back into the
ring. A snap suplex by Roman. He goes for the cover but
Dominik kicks out.

Roman rolls Dominik back to the outside. He slams Dominik
face first into the announce table. Roman picks Dominik up
and powerbombs him onto the table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Dominik with a DDT off the top rope
onto Jimmy. Jey and Edge are tagged in. Edge knocks Jimmy
down and throws Jey into the top turnbuckle. A baseball
slide onto Jimmy on the outside and he knocks Roman down on
the outside. Edge back into the ring and Rey is tagged in.
Rey with a sit down senton on Jey. A tornado DDT by Rey. He
goes for the cover but Jimmy breaks it up.

In comes Dominik who throws Jey to the outside. Dominik
flies to the outside onto Jimmy. Roman throws Dominik into
the ring post. In the ring, Rey sets Jey up for the 619. He
goes for it but Roman catches Rey and slams him into the
ring apron and throws him in the ring. Edge with the spear
on Roman on the outside. Rey rolls Jey up but Jey kicks out,
a right hand by Jimmy as Jey rolls Rey up by the tights and
gets the pin.

Winners: Roman Reigns and The Usos

Dominik gets in the ring as The Usos attack him. Edge grabs
a chair and knocks then both down. Roman with the Superman
Punch on Edge. Roman sees the chair in the ring. Roman
breaks part of the chair and grabs the bar but Edge hits him
with the spear. Edge with the crossface using the bar on
Roman as Roman taps out.

Fun start to the show. Not much in terms of the match but
great having the crowd back. #SmackDown

Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) July 17, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Edge and the Mysterios are backstage and in comes Kayla.
She asks him about his match vs. Roman. Edge says he wishes
he could say that by making Roman tap out like a bitch
earlier would make it easier for Sunday but its not the
case. He said he might have to go to a dark place on Sunday
to win. As he is talking, Seth Rollins comes in laughing.

Seth tells Edge that he cant beat Roman. Seth says Roman
has Edges number and on Sunday, Seth will be his biggest
fan and he hopes Edge wins because he will win Money in the
Bank and he will finish what he started 7 years ago when he
had his boot on his neck and he didnt pull the trigger.

Out comes Sami Zayn to the ring. Sami says everyone is
talking about the Money in the Bank ladder match but no one
is talking about how Sami is being excluded. He says they
want them to focus on the happy things. The fans are back, a
new entrance way, shiny lights. Its all to distract them
and for over a year, there has been a conspiracy targeting
Sami Zayn.

He says its fine because tonight, he has something in his
corner that he hasnt in a while. And thats the fans.
Because they have seen it all. They have seen him be
persecuted and he needs them all to stand up and make their
voices heard. To let them know that this conspiracy will not
stand. He starts chanting justice for Sami as some people in
the crowd chant it.

Sami says the yee-haws of Texas are not on his side and he
doesnt need them. He needs justice. And if there was any
justice, the briefcase over the ring would be lowered right
now and he would be handed the contract. That would be
justice. And he will not let the show go on until justice is

Finn Balor comes down to the ring. Sami introduces him to
the crowd and he welcomes him back. Sami goes for a right
hand, Finn blocks it and knocks him down. Finn with a drop
kick. He climbs the top rope and hits him with the Coup de

-Commercial Break-

Natalya and Tamina vs. Shotzi and Nox

Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega are on commentary. The bell rings
and we are under way. Tamina with a bodyslam on Shotzi.
Tamina knocks Nox to the outside and Natalya is tagged in.
She stomps on Shotzi in the corner. Natalya goes for the
bodyslam but Shotzi lands on her feet and knocks Natalya
own. Shotzi with a back elbow as she goes to knock Tamina
down but Natalya knocks Shotzi down.

Tamina is tagged in as they double team Shotzi in the
corner. Natalya runs towards Shotzi but Shotzi moves out of
the way and Nox is tagged in. A forearm by Nox as she knocks
Tamina off the ring apron. Nox with a back elbow onto
Natalya in the corner. Nox with the Shinning Wizard. She
goes for the cover but Tamina breaks it up.

Liv and Zelina argue on the outside and begin to fight. Nox
rolls Natalya up and gets the pin.

Winners: Shotzi and Nox

Tamina breaks up the fight on the outside. Liv knocks Tamina
and Natalya out as she stands below the Money in the Bank
briefcase in the ring.

That women's tag match wasn't the best but the fans made it
decent. Not much to write about for this one. #SmackDownLIVE

Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) July 17, 2021

-Commercial Break-

WWE SmackDown Womens Championship Bianca Belair (c) vs.

The bell rings and we are under way. Carmella slaps Bianca
and slides to the outside of the ring. Bianca chases her as
Carmella gets back in and a take down by Carmella. She gets
up but a shoulder block by Bianca knocks Carmella down. Both
women back up and back elbows by Carmella knocks Bianca
down. She goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. Carmella
places Bianca on the ring apron but a right hand by Bianca.
She grabs Carmellas arm but Carmella slams Bianca shoulder
first into the ring post. Carmella throws Bianca onto the
barricade and back into the ring.

Carmella goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Bianca climbs the top rope but
Carmella trips her up but Bianca kicks her away. Bianca
grabs Carmella but right hands by Carmella who climbs the
top rope. Carmella with the hurricanrana off the top rope.
She goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. Carmella with a
guillotine on Bianca in the middle of the ring. Bianca lifts
Carmella up and reverses it into a vertical suplex.

Bianca goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. Carmella
rolls out onto the ring apron but Bianca with a right hands
knocks her to the outside. Bianca goes to whip Carmella with
her hair but Carmella moves out of the way and hits her with
a super kick. She throws Bianca back in the ring and goes
for the cover but Bianca kicks out. Carmella grabs Bianca by
the hair but Bianca pulls her and whips her with her hair.
She hits her with the KOD as she goes for the cover and gets
the pin.

Winner: Still WWE SmackDown Womens Champion, Bianca Belair

The Alpha Academy are backstage as Gable says they can feel
the tension when they enter a room. He says people are in
awe of Otis and he can see Otis getting the win vs. Cesaro
tonight. In comes Cesaro who says he smells bull, just like
he smelled it last week when they read the names of the
people Otis could defeat. Otis attacks Cesaro and takes him

-Commercial Break-

Otis with Chad Gable vs. Cesaro

The bell rings and we are under way. A right hand by Otis as
he sends Cesaro to the ropes. Cesaro with an uppercut. Gable
gets on the ring apron as that distracts Cesaro and Otis
with a slam takes Cesaro down. Otis goes for a splash in the
corner but Cesaro moves out of the way. In comes Gable who
lands a German suplex on Cesaro as the referee calls for the

Winner: By disqualification, Cesaro

Gable celebrates but Cesaro hits him with a pop up uppercut.
Cesaro swings Gable around and in comes Otis who slams into
Cesaro taking him down. Otis gets on the second rope and
with a slam onto Cesaro.

We cut backstage and Kayla is with Heyman. She mentions Edge
as he cuts her off. He says Edge sinned tonight against the
tribal chief who will confess in a tomb for those sins. He
says Edge will have those sins beaten out of him at Money in
the Bank. He tells her what he just said is not a prediction
and in comes Big E. He tells him not to be sour and to clap
for the man who will the Money in the Bank contract and feel
the power.

Big E says there was something serious he needed to talk to
him about. It appears as if Edge has a hold of Roman Reigns.
Big E laughs and walks away.

Out comes Baron Corbin wearing a dirty shirt and not looking
too good.

They saved Otis and Cesaro there. Neither one of them can
afford to lose. #SmackDown

Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) July 17, 2021

I want to think that they have planted the seed for Big E
and Roman Reigns. #SmackDown

Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) July 17, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Baron Corbin is in the ring and he says its no secret and
to look at him. These last few weeks have been the most
difficult time of his life. He lost everything. His crown,
his car, his investments and his savings. Now the bank is
threatening to foreclose on his house.

Corbin says his two year old daughter is sick because she
has to eat spaghetti out of a can instead of wagyu beef. His
house is mess and he has had to fire the maids. And he might
even have to move in with his wifes parents. But there is
hope, there is good news because everyone there and everyone
watching can help him out of the dark financial times.

He says he has started a crowd funded website and it is
called Corbin Fund. The target is $100,000 and he is not
asking for much, just enough to pay a few bills and get back
on his feet. He tells everyone to go to CorbinFund.com and
to donate.

Corbin gets down on his knees and he is begging everyone to
donate. Out comes Kevin Owens. He gets in the ring and
Corbin tells him that he wants to believe that he is out
there for the right reasons. That Owens is out there because
he wants to help him. He tells Owens if he helps and him and
others help him, the others will fall in line. He says they
are alike, they have a heart and they sympathize with those
who are less fortunate and in need. And he knows that Owens
has money. And not to take it the wrong way but he knows
Owens doesnt spend money on his wardrobe. Owens hits him
with the stunner.

-Commercial Break-

Big E vs. Shinsuke Nakamrua vs. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

The bell rings and we are under way. Rollins tells them to
fight as he goes onto the ring apron but Big E spears him to
the outside. Owens fleis over the top rope onto Big E and
Nakamura with a knee to the face onto Owens.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Owens on the top rope but a right hand
by Big E as he climbs the second rope. Big E goes for a
suplex but Nakamura gets in the ring and climbs the second
rope. A double suplex onto Owens. Rollins goes for a splash
off the top rope but misses. Nakamura places Rollins on the
top rope and hits him with a knee to the midsection.
Nakamura with a kick onto Owens and he slams Owens down.

Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa on Owens but Big E hits him
with the Big Ending. He goes for the cover but Rollins
breaks it up. Seth goes to the outside and grabs a ladder as
he hits Nakamura with it. Seth clears the announce table on
the outside. He places Nakamura on the table but Owens
knocks Seth down. Owens climbs the ladder and lands an elbow
onto Nakamura through the table.

In the ring, Seth with a Stomp on the ladder on Big E. He
goes for the cover and gets the pin.

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