Posted on 4/30/121 by Bob Magee

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan set for high-stakes Universal
Title clash

The Head of the Table makes the rules, and Daniel Bryan is
ready to play the game.

Roman Reigns shrugged off Cesaro on SmackDown and laid out a
Universal Title opportunity for The Leader of the Yes!
Movement. The challenge came with one catch: If Bryan loses,
hell be banished from SmackDown.

Bryan nearly pulled off another shocking WrestleMania moment
in his storied career, but Reigns stack em up spoiler
proved true as the curtain closed on The Showcase of the

Will Bryan defy the odds this time, as he battles Reigns for
the Universal Title and his career?

Dont miss the high-stakes showdown next Friday at 8/7 C on

Apollo Crews and Big E set for Intercontinental Title

Apollo Crews claimed the Intercontinental Championship, but
Big E still has his eyes on recapturing his prize.

With the help of Commander Azeez, Crews emerged from the
Nigerian Drum Fight at WrestleMania with the gold and began
his reign with an opportunistic win over Kevin Owens. Big E
took exception, as The Powerhouse of Positivity believed he
was first in line for an Intercontinental Title rematch. Big
E made those intentions clear with a backstage attack of
Crews that paved the way for this Fridays showdown.

Will Big E reclaim the gold, or has Crews reign only just

Dont miss the championship clash this Friday at 8/7 C on

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