WRESTLEMANIA 37: More WrestleMania 37 tickets sold

Posted on 4/10/121 by Colin Vassallo

WWE managed to move a few more hundreds of tickets for this
weekends WrestleMania with just under 1,300 remain for both
nights in total. That number represents around 400
additional tickets sold from 10 days ago.

Night one tomorrow has 710 tickets left on sale on
Ticketmaster. Out of those 710, 157 of them are floor seats
and 31 are what you can classify as ringside seats. 10 days
ago, there were just over 1,000 tickets in total available
for night one.

Meanwhile, night two has 567 tickets left, down from 693
which were available 10 days ago. 111 tickets are floor
tickets but no ringside seats remain for the second night.

WWE put approximately 25,000 tickets on sale for each night.

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