VINCE MCMAHON/XFL: Vince McMahon claims former XFL CEO is 'stonewalling' in $24 million wrongful termination suit (NextTV)

Posted on 7/17/121 by Mike Informer

WWE chairman and CEO and XFL founder Vince McMahon claims
that former XFL CEO Oliver Luck is "stonewalling" in his
wrongful termination suit against the league founder by
refusing to answer a sheaf of questions regarding his use of
a company iPhone, which McMahon and his lawyers claim prove
the former league chief was slacking off on the job.

Luck, a former NCAA and NFL executive, was hired as CEO of
the XFL, McMahons second attempt at creating a rival to the
National Football League, in 2018. The league launched on
Feb. 8, 2020 but canceled its season on March 12 of that
year because of the pandemic.

The XFL fired Luck on April 9, 2020, a day before the rest
of the league's employees were let go, for what they said
was cause, claiming Lucks gross negligence and a willful
disregard of the lawful instructions of Mr. McMahon. On
April 13, 2020 the XFL filed for bankruptcy protection. Luck
sued Alpha Entertainment, the vehicle that officially owned
the XFL, and McMahon, who had personally guaranteed his
compensation, in federal court in Connecticut on April 16,

Last August, the XFL was purchased by a group including
former wrestler and current movie star Dwayne "The Rock"
Johnson, his ex-wife Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital for
about $15 million.

McMahon countersued Luck in January, and in a filing with
the court on July 14, claimed that Luck has refused to
answer questions related to his use of a company-issued cell
phone. That phone is crucial for two reasons: McMahon claims
that Luck used the phone for personal use, a violation of
company policy, and it also contains text messages and
emails that the WWE chief says proves that Luck was not
adequately performing his job.

McMahon's attorneys submitted a 50-page affidavit of
questions relating to the cell phone use to the court,
primarily asking the former CEO to confirm which emails and
texts were sent on every day between March 13 and April 9.
According to McMahon's attorneys, Luck's responses have been

Luck apparently has refused to voice his "contentions"
regarding each email and text, which McMahon's attorneys
believe would help the court differentiate between ones he
claims reflect his work for the league and those that do

In the July 14 filing, McMahon and Alpha attorneys allege
that by responding to its requests with "baseless objections
and evasive responses," Luck is "stonewalling" its efforts
to discover what constitutes XFL-related work he has done
and to "narrow the scope of disputed issues related to those

Lucks attorneys have said many of the questions are
burdensome, oppressive and overly broad, according to court
filings. In several cases they objected to questions asking
whether Luck had sent emails on certain dates because they
dont include about 95 emails sent to or from him that were
excluded by McMahon and Alpha Entertainment on grounds of
attorney/client privilege.

McMahon's and Alpha's attorneys say Luck's actions are an
attempt to "hide the ball on his position as to the evidence
of his XFL and non-XFL work."

The July 14 dispute is just the latest in what has been a
series of discovery disputes between the parties. In June,
Luck asked to depose the partner in the law firm that headed
the investigation that led to his firing. Alpha and McMahon
have opposed that motion, which is still pending before the

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