Toni Storm Comes Out as Bisexual

NXT star Toni Storm has come out as bisexual, making the reveal on the WWE NXT Instagram account. Storm, who was one of the four members the roster announced to be taking over NXT’s Instagram for a day for Pride Month, said in the video that she has been comfortable with her sexuality for a long time, but has simply never expressed it publicly because she “never really found the right time.”

Storm noted in the video that when it was announced that she was one of the people doing a takeover of the Instagram, “a lot of people were like, ‘Toni, are you just an ally? Are you in the community? What’s going on over here?'” Storm was announced along with Jake Atlas who is gay, Mercedes Martinez who is lesbian, and Franky Money who has been vocal in her support of the queer community and has described herself as an LGBTQ ally.

Storm is the winner of the 2018 Mae Young Classic and a former NXT UK Women’s Champion. You can see the video below, along with supportive reactions from Triple H, Piper Niven, Atlas, and more:

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