The Miz Thinks John Morrison Should Be Competing For Main Event Titles In WWE

In a recent interview with Forbes, The Miz discussed the ratings’ success for Miz and Mrs., why John Morrison should be competing for main event titles in WWE, and much more. Here are some highlights:

The Miz on being ranked No. 1 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 in 2011: When I did the interview [with Pro Wrestling Illustrated], we were all talking; Its amazing, its incredible, said The Miz in an exclusive interview. When I see the cover, and Im on it, and Im like Wow, thats amazing… and it says Yeah, hes Really No. 1… and its like Come on! I just did amazing interview! Thats the mentality that everyone has when I win something. But the thing is, all I care about is that people are talking. Thats it. And when I won the WWE Championship for the second time, nobody believed that was gonna happen, and if you looked at the ratingsand I know you probably didthey went up. And they went up the next week.

On the ratings’ success for Miz and Mrs. on USA Network: With Miz and Mrs success…Top 5 in cable [last] week, our ratings are through the roof! I think USA is absolutely happy with our show and everything weve been doing. Its a great show. Honestly, its the only thing I get on the internet that is absolutely positive 100%. With Miz and Mrs, people seem to really gravitate toward that, and our fanbase is only getting bigger.

On potentially splitting up his team with John Morrison and why Morrison should be competing for main event titles in WWE: I dont see myself and John Morrison splitting up for a very long time, if ever. I dont see that happening. Were too connected, we have too much chemistry and we still have more to go. John pushes me more than anybody else in WWE. Right now, he is just absolutely incredible, he is on a tear, and I think if hes not in the main event scene going for the WWE or Universal Championship in the next year I think this is something were missing in WWE.

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