Tegan Nox On Her Recovery From Injury, Potentially Chasing NXT Women8217s Tag Titles

Tegan Nox appeared on WWE’s The Bump to discuss her recovery status from her ACL tear, a potential NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship run and more. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On her recovery from injury: Its going well! Its not my first rodeo, as we all know, but its been a little bit easier this time. Im just biding my time on when to come back and try to make an impact this time.”

On the women’s tag division in NXT: See, thats the thing: friends dont end well for me. They always attack me. So, trying to find a partner is, oof. I dont know. Id like to have an Io [Shirai]. I think that could be quite interesting. Any gold is good for me, Nox pondered.

On Raquel Gonzlez winning the women’s title: Shes incredible. The strength in her is ridiculous. She was around the Performance Center when I came in, and just seeing her evolve from then to now as this immovable object, shes indestructible. Its mind-blowing to see. Ill have a good go of beating her, but Im also scared cause that powerbomb really, really hurts.

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