Steve Austin Discusses Being a 8216Slave to the Road8217 in iBiographyi Sneak Peek

As noted, Biography: Stone Cold Steve Austin debuts later tonight on A&E at 8:00 pm EST. A&E TV has released a new sneak peek at tonight’s episode, where Austin talks about the grind of being on the road all the time as a top Superstar and not being able to spend time with your family at home.

You can view that clip and an excerpt below. Steve Austin stated the following on how much time you have spend on the road with WWE:

Man, when you were running like I was, at my peak, its hard to do anything than be a pro wrestler because it consumes everything about you. You are in go mode 24/7 – 365. You are a slave to the road, and you never want to come off the road because if you come off the road you get soft. So, I was never home. Thats a recipe for disaster. It all looks fun when youre seeing it on TV, but it aint always TV. TV is a very small part of the life that you live when youre doing that job.

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