Sean Waltman On His Future InRing Plans 8216I8217m Going To Have A Few More Matches8217

Sean Waltman was recently interviewed by Inside the Ropes, and one of the topics he discussed was whether he plans on getting back in the ring for another match. Waltman admitted that he wants to do so, while also discussing a potential role with NXT.

When asked about his thoughts on NXT, Waltman mentioned that he was enjoying his occasional coaching role with the WWE brand prior to the start of the pandemic last year:

Well, before the pandemic started, I was going down about once every month for a week, for a week or two each month, and I was helping coach down there and I loved it. I really loved it. You know, just, you know, obviously, things happen and that has it hasnt been happening. Im open to doing it again. Im really busy and, you know, and that. But its something I really love doing.”

Waltman then went into his future in-ring plans, noting that he’s going to have a few more matches at some point, and that’s it’s simply a matter figuring out who it’ll be with:

“And, you know, as far as getting back in the ring, you know, Im going to have a few more matches. I dont know if its going to be there. I dont know where its going to be. Maybe Ill promote them myself. Yeah. You know, but yeah. No, NXT I just Im one of their biggest fans.

You can watch the full interview below.

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