Ric Flair on WWE Hall of Fame Inductions for nWo and Batista, His Thoughts on Promos in AEW

WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair for the WINCLY podcast. During the chat, Flair discussed Dave Bautista (aka Batista) getting a WWE Hall of Fame induction, Roman Reigns returning after getting diagnosed with leukemia, AEW promos, and a lot more. Below are some highlights.

Ric Flair on Batista getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: “I texted him and I think it’s great. Now we just have to get Hunter going and get Randy [Orton] who’s making too much money to get out of it so I can get my third [induction as a part of Evolution]. I think it’s great that Hulk, Hall and Nash I texted all of them I think Sean Waltman is going in too [as a part of the nWo]. As much as I didn’t like it at the time, they had a major part in the business.”

Flair on the impact Batista has made: “Certainly Dave made an impact, not only with us but as a singles and is a huge star in Hollywood. Kevin and Scott came along and revolutionized that thing. The guy who really kicked it off for them was when they got Sting. Everything ties together. I’m happy for all of these guys that were during my career that I had the pleasure to work with. Even though I struggled with some of the stuff, it wasn’t with those guys. My problems were with Bischoff so I can’t put heat on them.”

Flair on AEW allowing talent to cut unscripted promos; how it reminds him of when Roman Reigns announced his diagnosis: “That’s a very positive part of their promotion. I think Jericho’s done a hell of a job. The piece they did for Cody getting ready for the championship match I thought was great. It was very true and heartfelt. It’s like when Roman came out and told the world that he had leukemia. I was just there the week before and I never heard anything about it. I was like, ‘Holy Christ. How do I not know this?'”

Flair on Roman Reigns: “The bloodwork had come back on Roman. It was that fast and they had a couple of days [to set up his Raw announcement]. But look at him now. Up and running and an incredible gift of the look. He’s got everything you need in wrestling. With your health, I take all of that stuff really seriously because I’ve dealt with it enough. Not cancer, but I’ve been in a position where nothing was guaranteed. I tell him all the time because he does commercials for charities with him doing them they become sentimental. It’s really good and coming from him, it’s very special.”

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