Note On Story Told By Lawler in Randy Savage Biography Special, Who Produced It

This week’s WWE Biography special focused on Randy Savage, and a story from it told by Jerry Lawler was actually incorrect. The special looked at Savage’s life and career, and featured Lawler discussing Savage’s WWE exit and arrival in WCW. Lawler recalled that Vince McMahon was at Raw looking for Savage, who was a commentator during the end of his WWE run, to go over the format but he wasn’t there and McMahon was told to watch TV. He then said that McMahon had a non-reaction to seeing Savage on WCW TV that night.

As PWInsider notes, that wasn’t the actual story of Savage’s move to WCW as he left WWE (then the WWF) in 1994 before WCW Nitro existed opposite Raw. Savage’s first appearance on WCW TV was a taped episode of WCW Saturday Night in December of 1994, which was not opposite any WWE program. McMahon actually addressed Savage’s exit on Raw and thanked him for his work for the company. PWInsider posits that Lawler may have been mixing up Savage’s move to WCW and Lex Luger’s move to the company on the first night of WCW Nitro, when he had worked a WWE house show one night before. Luger was also misnamed as “Lex Lugar” in the episode.

The site notes that A&E had different production teams working on different episodes of Biography, which is why it had a very different look and tone to the specials on Roddy Piper and Steve Austin. Billy Corbin and Alfred Spellman were the producers for the Savage special, and WWE provided footage and talent for interviews but didn’t lead the production of any episodes. The parts of the special that looked at allegations around Savage’s behavior toward Georgeous George and Elizabeth’s death were not a case of WWE attacking Savage, but instead a choice by the producers to look at the darker parts of Savage’s life in context with with the rest of his life and career.

The special looks at Savage’s early life and career, all the way through to the end of his life.

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