NEW JACK 1963-2021: Former ECW star New Jack passes away at age 58

Posted on 5/15/121 by Colin Vassallo

Former ECW star New Jack, who last year was the subject of
an episode of Dark Side of the Ring, passed away yesterday
at the age of 58 due to a heart attack.

Born Jerome Young in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1963, he
started his wrestling career in 1992 and wrestled for the
USWA and SMW before he joined ECW in 1995 where he gained
most of his following.

New Jack was a tough individual in real life and showcased
that in the ring as well. He often shot on opponents and
took high-risks bumps. The most notorious incident came in
November 1996 when he cut open 17-year-old Mass Transit
during a match, causing an enormous amount of bleeding. Mass
Transit, whose real name was Eric Kulas, needed to be
transported to a hospital and received 50 stitches. New Jack
was then charged with aggravated assault but was later

New Jack also wrestled in XPW where he had another horrific
incident with an opponent. During a scaffold match, he legit
tased his opponent Vic Grimes and then threw him from the
40-foot scaffold where Grimes missed 10 of the tables and
nearly missed the ring too. New Jack admitted in a
documentary that he intended to kill Grimes with the fall as
payback for an incident between the two 18 months before.

Despite his often dangerous and violent conduct in the ring,
New Jack always escaped punishment and he talked freely
about his shenanigans in the ring on an episode of Dark Side
of the Ring.

He is survived by his wife Jennifer.

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