Mr. T Discusses His Current Relationship With WWE, Recalls WWE Hall Of Fame Speech

In a recent interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Mr. T discussed his current relationship with WWE, his WWE Hall of Fame speech, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Mr. T on his current relationship with WWE and if there’s anything else he wants to do in wrestling: I still got stuff going on with WWE. I got Mr. T dolls and stuff like that. They selling the goods and stuff like that. What I tell people is I never considered myself a Hollywood celebrity. I dont act. I react. Im just a tough guy that has the opportunity to play some roles in Hollywood. Im not any different. I was never a guy that made the guest appearances in wrestling. Thats who I am. I love wrestling. In high school, I played football. I liked the tough sports. I like man-to-man stuff. Throwing the guy, flipping the guy, running through and driving. I wasnt a wussy when it came to that. I can take a punch. I can give it, and thats what its about.

“Maybe I was more of wrestler than an actor, more tough guy than I was an actor so thats the part I like. Thats why I will still go to wrestling matches, still go to boxing matches. Thats what I love. I can make a guest appearance here and there. Right now, I got some toys and dolls with wrestling. I still watch on TV. I might appear somewhere here and there. Never know what Vince has in mind because hes always thinking of something, but my job is to be ready when they call, so thats what Ive been doing. Ive been training, getting ready. So when they call me, Ill be ready.

On his WWE Hall of Fame speech in 2014: It was powerful man. That was so powerful. I think about it now. Im talking about it the other day on Mothers Day. Everyday is Mothers Day. I love my mother on St. Patricks Day, Valentines Day and the Fourth Of July, and thats what its all about. Ah man, I get emotional when I think about that. Im nothing but a big, overgrown, tough, butt-kicking, fun-loving, Bible holding mamas boy. I love my mother. That wasnt just jibber-jabber.

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