Mark Henry on What Wrestling Fans Can Expect From SWE, Working With WWE in the Future

– While speaking to The Wrestling Inc. Daily, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry discussed plans for the indie wrestling promotion SWE and what fans can expect from the promotion. Henry was recently announced as part of the management team for the company. Below are some highlights from

Mark Henry on a future relationship between SWE & WWE: You know, I could see that happening down the road, if the WWE agrees to that. Theres all sort of value in that [for SWE]. But I dont know if SWE is ready right now. They need to build themselves up first, and thats what Im here for. Im helping them build themselves up to be a more viable and valuable commodity, so that the WWE can go, oh, I like what theyre doing over there. Until that time comes, I think its best to stand alone until they can garner that kind of attention.

Henry on SWE trying to break away from usual indie “flipping and flying” style: Were on FITE now as well, producing content that people will pay to see. Because a lot of independent wrestling is high spots and flipping and flying. But, I love watching movies. The hardest thing about the pandemic is not being able to go to the movies and eat popcorn with my kids. When I go to a movie, and theres holes in the story, and you look at something and go, Oh, thatll never happen. Thats stupid. SWE wont be doing that.

Henry on what fans can expect from SWE: When you buy an SWE show, expect everything to line up, everything to be understood, nothing left to interpretation. And thats what makes wrestling good, and thats what will make SWE one of the top wrestling promotions in the next five years.

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