Jeff Jarrett On Rumors He Held Up Vince McMahon 038 WWE For Money, His Negotiations With Jim Ross At No Mercy 1999

On a recent edition of My World with Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett discussed his conversation with Jim Ross at No Mercy 1999, not wanting to leave WWE, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Jeff Jarrett on being told he was taking a pay cut early in his return to WWE and his trust issues with Jim Ross: “He wanted to cut my pay from $350,000 to $250,000 after I had a two-year deal, and my downside was because I was taken off the road for a large part of 1997 and early 1998 in that contract year. It was we’re starting a new slate in October, and your downside is gonna be $250,000 as opposed to $350,000……I always really had a problem to go against my nature to go complain about pay-offs, but when the contract shift happened into that deal one year, I kind of knew the gloves were off in so many ways. I didnt let it be known. I didnt go to the dressing room and bitch and complain and moan about this, but that was a really hard pill to swallow because that was [Jim Ross], Heres the deal: Im gonna change it. I said, OK, I dont have a choice because youre the boss, but I dont trust you. I dont trust the hand thats feeding me.”

On rumors that he held up Vince McMahon and WWE for money and his conversation with Jim Ross at the Gund Arena at No Mercy 1999: Jim comes to me and said, Weve done pen to paper and were thinking $150,000 will get it all cleaned up. I said OK, alright Jim, $150,000 is what you think the number is. You sure? We more or less did a head nod, and I said, ‘Jim, let me think on this.’ He said, ‘I’ll be back, and let’s close this deal up.’ However much time transpired – he came back in and sat back down, and I said Jim, remember how you changed the deal on me a year in? I understand all the reasons you did and I respect the hell out of it, but we kind of agreed but we didnt really agree on 150. I dont really agree with that right now, and Ive had time to reflect on my last two years. So, if were going to get a deal done, this place [Gund Arena] is sold out and they’ve got a lot of WWE’s money in their box office. So, lets double that and get me to $300,000 and give me the money out of the Gund Arenas bank and not WWEs bank and lets go to work.

On Ross’ reaction to his proposal: He didnt like it. He said, ‘Nah, Jeff, we can’t do that.’ I said Jim, look at me because I really want you to understand where Im coming from, youre absolutely right. You do not have to do this, Vince doesnt have to do this. Nobody has to do this. Im wanting my money, and Im talking about multiple pay-per-views, Im not under contract. Lets just end this deal one way or another. You know as well as I do tomorrow my value in payoffs are not even remotely important. Theyre kind of important today, but its yalls decision on how important they are, its not mine. He goes, ‘I’m gonna go to talk to the old man.’ 30 minutes go by, 45 minutes go by, whatever it may be. Jim and Terry [Taylor] walk up and go, Go get your bag, get dressed, well have it for you before you go to the ring. I had seen Chyna walking around multiple times. Not that it was my responsibility to be worrying about her personal feelings, but I did have some compassion for her. I really did because it was her night in so many ways, and she deserved every bit of it. She worked her ass off. She deserved everything she was getting that night.”

On not wanting to leave WWE: “Would I have handled it today the same way? No. That age, that stage of your career, all that goes into this industry and everything that goes with it – this is something that gets glossed over, I had worked in WCW prior. I did not want to go back. It’s that simple. Vince McMahon and the WWE and Madison Square Garden and RAW and SmackDown – WWE is where stars are made, and I did not want to leave. I had some deep anger and resentment towards JR because it was very obvious if I was gonna feed my family, I’ve got to go.”

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