Horror Slam Wrestling/Devine Wrestling Effy's Big Adventure July 17 Brownstown, MI results

Posted on 7/17/121 by Leonard Brand MICHIGAN

BROWNSTOWN - Horror Slam Wrestling & Devine Wrestling Effy's
Big Adventure at the Victory Gym: Ric Caurdiea pinned
Solo...Justin Dream & Megan DiFrancisco defeated Theo Storm &
Kenzie Black...The Carver pinned Brutus Atwell...Divine
champion Jeremiah Goldmane defeated Alex Van Zant & Juniper
Gates...Jody Threat pinned Jeremiah Goldmane to win the Divine
belt...Divine champion Jody Threat pinned Hannah
Henderson...Jason Page pinned Zach Thomas...Mitch Hewitt &
Sean Lawhorn defeated Kyler Coleman & Isaiah Moore...Malcom
Monroe III pinned Effy...Tommy Vendetta pinned Chuck Stein to
win the Death Match belt.

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