Harry Smith Comments on WWE Return

– Harry Smith made his return to WWE in a pre-Smackdown dark match, and he discussed the return in a new video. As previously noted, Smith worked a match alongside Austin Theory against Odyssey Jones and Xyon Quinn, aka Daniel Vidot.

In an interview backstage after the match, Megan Morant asked him about his return. He said, You know, its great to be back in the WWE. Especially in front of the WWE Universe, live here in Houston, Texas. The atmosphere, the ambience, the energy that you can feel from a live WWE audience? Nothing can touch that. And thats why Harry Smith is back in the WWE. The past 10 years Ive been going around the globe, making myself the best competitor that I can be. All over in Japan, all over in Europe, and thats why Im back in the WWE, to show exactly how much Harry Smith has grown over this past time.

– Morant also interviewed Liv Morgan on the Smackdown stage during a commercial break, and Morgan got emotional from the energy of the crowd. You can see a clip of that below:

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