Doc Gallows Says Rey Fenix Is The Next Rey Mysterio

In an interview with Fightful, Impact Wrestling’s Doc Gallows praised Rey Fenix and said the AEW wrestler is the next Rey Mysterio. Here are highlights:

On Rey Fenix: “I will say thatI dont know whose said this or hasnt said thisbut, I think hes the next Rey Mysterio. I think hes amazing. He really is.”

On facing the Lucha Bros: “Its been fun for me because Ive watched those guys. Like Ive said before, Im a fan. I dont always know whats going on as much as I used to because real life gets busy. But, Ive been watching those guys forever and I thought they looked really fun to work with. Years ago when I was getting to work with Rey Mysterio a good bit, doing the stuff with Punk, I really enjoyed a great luchadore like that with a story with a big guy like me. You can do some really fun stuff. I think those guys are great. I had a great time working with them. I hope theres more of that down the line for sure. Those brothers are talented as shit. It comes off good, and then were in there hammering the shit out of them and theyre not flying on us, so I think it works.”

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