Damian Priest Says Bad Bunny Will Surprise People At Wrestlemania

In an interview with WFLA, Damian Priest hyped up his tag team match with Bad Bunny against The Miz and John Morrison at Wrestlemania, saying Bunny will surprise people. Here are highlights:

On finally performing in front of fans again: Our business is based on live interaction. We need to know how people are reacting to what were doing to see what emotions we can go with the flow with. Without it, its odd. Being in the ThunderDome its cool, not going to lie, its cool. Its cool looking. They do their best to simulate a cool atmosphere but man, the faces, theyre missed by not just myself by everyone.

On his family’s reaction to his match: Speaking to family in Puerto Rico, the island is on fire right now over us. And I was like, really? They were like, yeah, you come back here and youre going to be treated like royalty! I started laughing, I said, let me get my flight planned, because that sounds good to me!

On training with Bad Bunny: Every week, multiple days a week, were in the ring together. Ill tell you what, come WrestleMania, hes going to surprise some people, hes taking it seriously. The one thing hes been adamant about is making sure he got everybodys respect, he earned everybodys respect.

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