CM Punk Says Wrestling Fans and Horror Fans Are Very Similar

In an interview with Digital Spy, CM Punk spoke about his new movie Jakob’s Wife and how horror fans are similar to wrestling fans. Here are highlights:

On wrestling fans and horror fans: “Horror fans, as well as wrestling fans, will almost die on hills that they normally wouldn’t die on, meaning, ‘I discovered this wrestler first, I discovered this movie first’. And you’re almost not allowed to like it because you weren’t in on the ground floor. Horror movie fans and wrestling fans really are so passionate that they hold what they love near and dear to their heart and they almost want to protect it. Whereas they should want everybody to like it the more popular it is, the more eyeballs that are on it, the more content you probably get. But there is also the element of, I think the majority of people will view horror and wrestling as a lower brow entertainment, which, when it is done to the best of its ability, neither are. I think that keeps those fans on the defensive, you know they’re used to having to defend what they love because other people will constantly remind them of, ‘Oh, that’s fake,’ or ‘Oh, that’s just a bunch of blood and boobs’ or whatever. But if you have people that are talented like Travis Stevens telling stories underneath all of the horror movie elements in their movies, you know, I think that’s when the art really shines through.”

On how wrestling prepared him for his acting career: “I think I have been more complimented thus far on my acting career based on how short it’s been. More than a few people are like, Wow, you’re really good. Did you take classes, have you done this, have you done that? And I really think that the backbone of my acting and being on screen has been my wrestling career. Being on television for that long, especially doing live television, it’s just like theatre. There’s millions of people at home watching, at least there used to be, and I think that has helped me be a better actor.”

On his new movie: “What a really good horror movie does is makes you think. You can easily dismiss Jakob’s Wife as a vampire movie but in reality what it’s about is a husband and a wife. More specifically it’s about the wife and the issues of being married and being overshadowed in what’s supposed to be an equal partnership. So that’s the intriguing thing.”

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