Chris Jericho Thinks Vince McMahon May Have SecondGuessed Working With AEW After Dynamite Had Huge Rating Following Broken Skull Sessions

In an interview with TV Insider, Chris Jericho spoke about AEW working with WWE in the future, noting Vince McMahon may have second-guessed that after AEW scored a huge rating for the Dynamite after Jericho’s appearance on the Broken Skull Sessions after Wrestlemania. Here are highlights:

On doing Blood and Guts on Dynamite instead of a PPV: “Youre seeing angles and stories leading into pay-per-views rather than having to shoehorn them in for a match. In this day and age, there is so much tied into the TV rating. I think its important to do these destination shows on TV leading into pay-per-view, which makes them all the more important. Im excited about it. A lot of people may ask why were doing Blood & Guts already in this story as it normally would be used as a blowoff. We dont do things by the norm. There is plenty more to go between the two factions.”

On possibly working with WWE after Broken Skull Sessions appearance: “It was lightning in a bottle sort of thing with [respective company heads] Vince McMahon and Tony Khan giving their approval. I think it was also well-timed. The Peacock relationship with WWE was just starting. They wanted something huge out of the gate. It was perfect for us considering AEW had its first unopposed show [without NXT]. Once that big Dynamite rating came in though, I think Vince may have had a little bit of second-guessing. Would they do it again? Maybe. I dont know if you can find anyone with respect and goodwill on both sides that would allow that. If they dont do it again, it was one of the coolest moments in wrestling history.”

On which recently-released WWE star he wants in WWE: “Our roster is so expansive. We do have Dark and Elevation, which are popular shows on YouTube. We have another show about to start on TNT. Thats in the pipeline, but you cant keep bringing in talent after talent when we are still building the homegrown guys and girls. If its the right place for someone to bring in, well do it. Im a huge fan of Samoa Joe. You can always use a guy like him on your roster. A lot of guys might have to take the international route or the independent level until they can be at the level to come to AEW. There are a lot of talented people out there and obviously, AEW is where they want to come to.”

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