Ariane Andrew Reflects On Her Experience On WWE iTotal Divasi

In a recent interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former WWE superstar Ariane Andrew discussed her experience on Total Divas, Total Bellas reportedly not being renewed, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Ariane Andrew on her experience on Total Divas: I actually had the Bella Twins on Sippin The Tea. We were talking about that, and I was telling them theyve paved a huge wave and they were like, We were the OGs of Total Divas. I feel very blessed and grateful that I had that opportunity. That was so big with WWE, the behind the scenes and knowing the stuff that goes on. I feel very fortunate that Ive got to be a part of that, even though I didnt last as an OG forever, but I always say never say never. How many things get rebooted or come back to life? I just did an audition with my coach a few days ago for Saved by the Bell, thats rebooted. Theres always so many reboots. If it happens to be the end, which I feel like the pandemic had a lot to do with that, I could definitely see it coming back, but they need something fresh because right now, the womens division is stale.

On Total Divas and Total Bellas reportedly not being renewed for another season: Im surprised though because with the twins, they were able to still film during the pandemic because thats family. Its different when you have a cast of six plus who are in different states, in different places at the time of coronavirus. You cant really have people filming if everyones in different states, in different places, but if the f**king Kardashians can do it for as long as they did, why cant there be a reboot? Maybe theres something new and fresh in the works?

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