Amy Rose Praises ROH8217s Handling of the Pandemic, Discusses How They Filmed Content

Amy Rose had a lot of praise for how ROH handled the pandemic, discussing how content was filmed and more. Rose appeared on Palrocast and discussed her time in the company, and you can check out highlights below per Fightful:

On how ROH handled the pandemic: “You know, I think the way they handled everything was top-tier, it was really classy. There were a lot of companies that weren’t taking care of people. Unfortunately, they had to cut costs, which I understood at the time, but Ring of Honor really went above and beyond to take care of us and protect us. You know, there was a really long time where I didn’t even get to be at tapings. I wasn’t involved on the shows. But I was doing everything possible. through social media, YouTube, TikTok, whatever I could, just to create content for all the fans that were stuck at home.

On how ROH did its filming during the pandemic: I don’t think people know where it is anyways, but we do film in the Ring of Honor dojo, which is somewhere I’m very familiar with. It’s like home for us, and so that’s where we film a lot of our backstage interview stuff like sit-downs. As far as the actual shows, that’s actually filmed in an arena.

On making her way up through the ranks in the company: For sure, you know, there’s a lot of goals that I set out to achieve with Ring of Honor, I started from the bottom. Speaking of Hammerstein, that was actually my first big pay-per-view with Ring of Honor. I wasn’t under contract, I was just, you know, working my way up, I was living in Florida and I said, Alright, I’m gonna take a risk. I’m gonna make that jump. I went to Final Battle 2017 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, and they were super shocked but very impressed with my ability to [attack any task], and from there, you know, I started ringing the bell, and the rest was history. I think I’m lucky because sometimes I’m just at the right place at the right time and sometimes some really big things happen for me that I wasn’t necessarily planning or thinking like, Okay, this is my idea. But they just kind of fall into place and it works out like you said, you know, talent meets opportunity, and those opportunities tend to gravitate towards me. So I’m super thankful.

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