ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Jericho discusses the fall from the top of the cage at Blood & Guts

Posted on 5/14/121 by Colin Vassallo

On the latest episode of his podcast Talk is Jericho, the
leader of The Inner Circle revealed that he was nervous
about the stunt from the Blood & Guts show where MJF pushed
him from the top of the cage.

Jericho said the day before the show, he watched a stuntman
take the fall but he was wearing a helmet and a vest for
protection whereas he knew he was not going to wear any of
that come showtime.

While the fall did hurt, Jericho said he was satisfied with
the finish and noted that he nearly hit his head on the
stage as he fell too far out. Jericho told MJF to
specifically push him hard and the fall felt like an
eternity before hitting the crash pad.

Jericho acknowledged the criticism from fans that said the
fall looked fake due to AEWs inability to better conceal
the crash pad and the plywood painted as metal but hes
happy how the whole match, including the ending, came out.

The former AEW World champion also said that his wife and
kids were not thrilled when they saw him falling from the
top of the cage and admitted that he didnt tell them
beforehand that he was doing the stunt. With that said,
Jericho added that he would never do a similar fall ever

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