ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite June 18 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/19/121 by Bob Magee

The feud between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle continues
on tonight's AEW Dynamite.

Jake Hager of The Inner Circle takes on The Pinnacle's
Wardlow in an MMA rules cage fight Hager holds a real-life
MMA record of 3-0 with a no contest.

Penta El Zero Miedo, Eddie Kingston and Frankie Kazarian
will face Matt Jackson, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson in a
trios match.

Darby Allin will take on Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page in a
handicap match.

Arn Anderson's son, Brock Anderson, makes his official in-
ring debut on tonight's show. He will team with Cody Rhodes
against QT Marshall and Aaron Solow of The Factory.

Orange Cassidy will be in singles action, taking on Cezar
Bononi of The Wingmen.

Penelope Ford will take on Julia Hart in a women's division

A sit-down interview with Andrade El Idolo conducted by Jim
Ross has also been advertised.

Our live coverage begins at 10 p.m. Eastern time.


Taz joined commentary for the opener.

MMA Cage Fight: Jake Hager (w/ Chris Jericho) defeated
Wardlow (w/ Shawn Spears)

I loved this. It was completely unique and felt like a
really big deal. Both men put in great performances.

This was a three-round fight with five minute rounds. Each
fighter had a corner man. Fighters could only win by
knockout or submission. It looked legit, octagon and all.

Neither man touched for the first minute. Wardlow pushed
Hager against the cage. Hager went for a couple quick shots
and landed two low kicks. He went for a double leg takedown
but Wardlow gutwrenched him out with a quick throw. Hager
came back and took Wardlow down, but released the hold and
challenged Wardlow to fight.

Hager landed a second takedown and went for ground and
pound, but Wardlow rolled out of it to separate. Wardlow
caught another low kick and rocked Hager with a right hand
before dumping him in the middle of the octagon. Hager
escaped and both stood back up. They traded strikes, with
Wardlow getting the advantage and landing a Superman punch.
With the clock winding down, Wardlow tried to put Hager
away, but round 1 ended before the stoppage.

The two men recovered with their corner men before the bell
rang for round 2. Hager avoided a running knee and applied a
waistlock, but Wardlow fought out with a wristlock, taking
Hager down. Wardlow had the full mount and hit hammerfists
before going for an armbar. Hager rolled through on the
armbar and landed elbow stikes to Wardlow's midsection
before going for an armbar of his own.

Hager had a triangle applied, but Wardlow was just able to
lift Hager up enough to break it. Hager transitioned into a
standing ankle lock. Wardlow rocked Hager with an up kick
and powerbombed him into the cage before hitting a running
hurricanrana. Wardlow speared Hager down, but Hager
countered into the head and arm choke. Wardlow slipped out
before Hager fought out of a fireman's carry and took
Wardlow down with a uranage. He kept the head and arm choke
applied as Wardlow flipped off Jericho, eventually passing
out for the referee stoppage.

After the night, Spears attacked Hager. Jericho got
involved, leading to an all-out brawl, before MJF ran out
and attacked Jericho's injured elbow with the Salt of the
Earth. AEW official Dean Malenko ran out to stop the fight,
but was decked by MJF. Sammy Guevara's music played and he
ran out, chasing MJF to the back.


Frankie Kazarian, Eddie Kingston, and Penta El Zero Miedo
were backstage. Kazarian said tonight was all about
vengeance. He's hungry for revenge and thirsty for
retribution. Kingston told his opponents to pray to their
gods. Penta said "Cero miedo."


Team Taz (sans Brian Cage) was backstage. Taz said Starks'
disagreement with Cage needs to stop. Hobbs was upset
because he was left alone last week. Taz challenged Hangman
Page to take on Hobbs one on one next week.


2-on-1 handicap match: Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio
Sky) defeated Darby Allin

Page started off. Allin outwrestled him with his quickness,
forcing him to tag in Sky, who Allin rolled up quickly for a
two count. Allin fought off both opponentus until Page
caught a Coffin Drop, allowing Sky to take him down with a
forearm smash. Allin arm-dragged his opponents into each
other and took them down with a Coffin Drop. Page tagged in
and leveled Allin with a shoulder tackle.

It looked like Page was going to toss Allin into the front
row like at Double or Nothing, but Allin slapped on a
sleeper. Page threw Allin into the corners as the Men of the
Year took control ahead of the break. Once back, they hit
repeated backbreakers on Allin until Allin surprised Page
with a small package for two. Allin countered a backbreaker
with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Page reached Sky for a tag, then Allin "tagged himself" in,
running wild on Sky. He hit a Code Red, but Page broke up
the pin and planted him with a uranage. Allin ziptied Page's
feet together and sent him to the floor before rolling Sky
up for repeated near falls. The over-the-top stunner
followed. Allin then hit the Coffin Drop, but Page pulled
Allin out of the ring.

Outside the ring, Page cut the ziptie from around his legs
and sent Allin into the ring post. He tagged into the match
and propped Allin up for a superplex, but Allin bit his way
out of it, sending Page to the mat. Sky pulled out Allin's
legs and Page hit the Ego's Edge for the win.


A short video promo from the Wingmen aired before the match.
Apparently Orange left them "on read."

Orange Cassidy (w/ Best Friends) defeated Cezar Bononi (w/
The Wingmen)

Not sure what this was supposed to be.

Bononi attacked before the bell, then tossed Orange across
the ring. Out on the floor, Nemeth sprayed Orange with self-
tanner. Back in the ring, Orange briefly got control, but
Bononi sent Orange back to the floor, where the Wingmen put
a jacket on him.

Orange tripped Bononi running the ropes, sending him to the
floor, but the Wingmen caught a dive. Statlander distracted
the referee while the Best Friends assisted Orange on a
dive, taking out the Wingmen. Bononi caught the diving DDT,
but Orange turned it into a stunner and a rolling DDT.
Orange took out Nemeth and Drake with the Orange Punch
before doing the same to Bononi for the win.


Jungle Boy was about to be interviewed by Alex Marvez, but
Omega, Callis, and Nakazawa rolled up in a golf cart. Omega
was without his expensive clothes and championships because
Jungle Boy embarrassed him last week. He's giving Jungle Boy
a chance to make up for it with two knuckle sandwiches,
trying to goad Jungle Boy into a fight. Jungle Boy said he'd
prefer to beat Omega next week.

Omega offered a free punch, set up to do so, but Nakazawa
attacked him with a laptop and Omega beat him up. Omega and
Callis then escaped on a golf cart, leaving Nakazawa behind.


Matt Hardy and the Hardy Family Office were interviewed by
Alex Marvez about Christian Cage. Hardy said Christian was
in violation of a contract, and that's why Hardy keeps
attacking him. Christian showed up trying to fight, but HFO
pushed him int oa storage area and locked him in. Hardy gave
Christian an out, telling him to retire by giving him a
retirement check. He said if Christian keeps coming after
him, he'll end his career.


Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated The
Factory (QT Marshall & Aaron Solow) (w/ Nick Comoroto)

This was a lot of fun and gave the debuting Brock a Dynamite
win. Brock looked really solid considering his experience

Brock and Solow started off. Brock avoided a swing and
backed himself into the wrong corner, getting some coaching
from Cody for his trouble. Solow taunted Brock but was taken
down, leading to more chain wrestling. Marshall tagged in,
but Cody wanted in as well, so Marshall escaped back to the
floor. Cody took him out with a suicide dive but Solow was
the legal man, gaining control after a stomp.

Cody fought out of the corner and tagged in Brock, who hit
repeated shoulder strikes in the corner. He dispatched Solow
with a gutwrench, but Marshall took him down with a double-A
spinebuster ahead of the break. Brock reached Cody for the
hot tag after the break, but Solow had the official
distracted, allowing the Factory to hit a double team
neckbreaker for two.

Marshall went for Cross Rhodes on Brock, who countered into
a DDT. Cody got the hot tag and ran wild on Solow, hitting
the Oklahoma Stampede and a flying headscissor. He locked
Solow in the Figure Four, but Solow was at the ropes. They
fought up top, but Marshall got involved, so Cody hit him
with a destroyer. Solow rocked Cody with a cyclone kick, but
Brock broke up the pin.

Brock tagged back in and helped Cody hit a step-up forearm
before jackknifing Solow for the pin and win.


Lance Archer and Jake Roberts cut a promo. Roberts said they
were going to wait and pounce like a tiger, but Archer
doesn't know how to do that. Archer was pacing impatiently
in the background, cutting off the promo early.


Andrade El Idolo sit-down interview with Jim Ross

Andrade said he chose AEW because there are many stars, but
he's a superstar. JR talked about the championships in AEW,
and Andrade said that they're his next step. He's working
with Vickie Guerrero because she's experienced and she is a
Guerrero, so they have a great connection -- but we have to
wait, because they have a surprise.


Hangman Page was with the Dark Order. He accepted Hobbs'
challenge for next week and was asked about the world title
match next week, but he brushed it off and hyped up the Dark
Order members most notably, John Silver is back soon. He
gave a toast to Evil Uno.


Penelope Ford defeated Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blonds)

They performed chain wrestling at the start. Ford used
acrobatics to escape a headscissors before dropping Hart
with a shoulder tackle. Hart came back with a dropkick and a
running crossbody, but Ford tripped Hart up and hit a
springboard knee drop into the commercial break.

Back from break, they traded strikes. Ford avoided a corner
clothesline, but Hart rolled Ford up. Ford rolled out and
took Hart down with a clothesline. She caught a kick and
slapped Hart before hitting a fireman's carry gutbuster.
Hart rolled out of the way of a moonsault. Ford avoided a
split leg drop and locked on an Indian deathlock, leading to
the submission.

After the match, Miro came out and asked Ford where Kip
Sabian is. He mocked Ford by telling the Blonds to leave
before attacking them. He and Pillman got into a scrap
before being separated by officials.


Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Rebel were backstage with
Schiavone, but Vickie Guerrero interrupted. She's not happy
because she wants the championship around Nyla Rose's waist.
Baker and Rebel blew it off, but Baker and Rebel vs. Rose
and Guerrero was sanctioned for next week.


Next week's Dynamite lineup (Saturday 06/26):

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Rebel vs. Nyla Rose & Vickie
TNT Championship: Miro vs. Brian Pillman Jr.
Hangman Page vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jungle Boy
For Wednesday 06/30:

MJF vs. Sammy Guevara

A video package contrasting FTR and Santana & Ortiz aired.
They both have fought to get to where they are today. It's
difficult to recap but this was really good, pointing out
how the two teams are both very similar and deeply


Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling announced a partnership with
a Toronto hotel, where Cargill's opponents can stay when she
knocks them out. Their discount code is "THATBITCH."
Sterling advertised Cargill for all of AEW's programming,
including Rampage, because she's "that bitch."


Callis joined commentary. Nick Jackson was conspicuously

Matt Jackson & Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)
defeated Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo, & Frankie

Kazarian attacked at the bell. He rolled up Anderson for a
quick two before downing him with a clothesline. Jackson got
involved, but Penta fought everyone off and tagged in
Kingston for a double team. Jackson avoided the spinning
back fist and tagged Gallows in. The match broke down into a
free-for-all with everyone brawling on the floor. A running
crossbody from Jackson took out Kingston ahead of the

The Elite took control during the break, beating down
Kingston in their corner. Kingston shrugged off some right
hands from Jackson and peppered him with chops. An overhead
belly-to-belly suplex allowed Kingston to reach Kazarian for
the hot tag.

Kazarian ran wild on everyone, taking out all three members
of the Elite. A springboard leg drop on Anderson got two.
Kazarian countered a spinebuster and locked on a crossface
chicken wing, but Gallows broke it up, allowing Anderson to
hit the spinebuster.

Penta tagged in and took out Jackson with a backbreaker
before hitting a tope con giro on both Good Brothers. A
floating DDT got two. Kingston tagged in and Jackson was the
victim of a parade of offense in the corner. Penta hit the
Fear Factor, Kingston hit the Backdrop Driver, and Kazarian
hit the Angel's Wings, but Gallows broke up the pin.

A thrust kick from Penta to Anderson got two. Anderson
fought out of Fear Factor and hit a neckbreaker before
tagging in Gallows. The Good Brothers hit an assisted
neckbreaker and Jackson hit a top-rope elbow drop for two.
Kazarian broke up the Magic Killer and we got a parade of
big moves, leaving Anderson and Penta in the ring.

Penta hit a backstabber and went to the top rope, but Nick
Jackson ran out and sprayed Penta with aerosol. Anderson hit
a top-rope Stun Gun for the win.

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