ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite April 29 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 4/29/121 by Bob Magee

Darby Allin defends the TNT Championship against Preston
"10" Vance on tonight's AEW Dynamite.

Allin will be looking to make his fifth successful title
defense of this month alone. He has wins over The Butcher at
AEW's The House Always Wins, plus wins over JD Drake, Matt
Hardy and Jungle Boy on Dynamite.

The Young Bucks will face Matt Sydal and Mike Sydal in a Tag
Team title eliminator match. Should the Sydals win, they
will earn a future shot at the Bucks' AEW World Tag Team

Penta El Zero Miedo will take on Orange Cassidy in singles
competition. This match comes after Penta defeated Trent on
last week's episode in a match where Cassidy attempted to
make the save for Trent after a mic shot from Alex
Abrahantes. A week after beating Team Taz's Ricky Starks, Hangman Page
will take on that stable's Brian Cage.

The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle will have a parley a week
ahead of their Blood and Guts match.

In the women's division, Kris Statlander will face Penelope

The Factory will face The Nightmare Family in a trios match,
as QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto take on Dustin
Rhodes, Billy Gunn and Lee Johnson.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will also make his first
appearance since winning the Impact World Championship from
Rich Swann at Impact Wrestling's Rebellion pay-per-view. Our
live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Taz joined commentary for the match.

Page was attacked during his entrance and beaten down by all
of Team Taz until the Dark Order ran out to make the save.
Cage planted Page with a powerbomb on the ramp before the
match got underway.Brian Cage defeated Hangman Page

This was really good for the time allotted.

Cage continued the beatdown with stomps, strikes, and
suplexes. Taz was great on commentary breaking down the
different throws and suplexes that Cage deployed. They
spilled to the floor where Cage repeatedly thrust Page into
the barricade before dropping him with a back suplex on the

Back in the ring, Cage taunted Page by curling him into an
overhead throw, but Page got his knees up on a standing
moonsault attempt. Page escaped to the apron but was met
with a thrust kick before Cage suplexed him back into the
ring the hard way for two.

Page countered a suplex and some strikes before sending Cage
to the floor. Cage caught Page on the latter's plancha
attempt, but Page was able to fight out and send Cage into
the ring post, following it up with an Orihara moonsault. In
the ring, Cage countered the Buckshot Lariat into a
powerslam before following it up with a powerbomb, a buckle
bomb, and the Drill Claw to pick up the upset win in about
six minutes.


The Elite (Omega, Callis, the Young Bucks, and the Good
Brothers) were in a limousine celebrating after Omega's
title victory. Omega said that he's used to people trying to
ruin their lives after Moxley and Kingston destroyed their
trailer. They're not going to be intimidated or scared.

However, a horn went off, and everyone jumped -- but it was
just Michael Nakazawa pushing the wrong button in the
vehicle. Omega said Kingston would come face to face with
Nakazawa later tonight.**********

Don Callis joined commentary for the match.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator: Young Bucks
(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Matt Sydal & Mike

If the Sydals win this match, they earn a title shot.

Mike and Matt Jackson started off. Mike landed a standing
moonsault right away, forcing Nick to tag in, so Mike tagged
in his brother as well. Matt Sydal outwrestled Nick, getting
across the fact that he's added a submission element to his
game since joining AEW. The Sydal brothers landed stereo
dropkicks, but Matt Jackson made a blind tag and took Mike
out with a superkick.

Thoughout a break, the Bucks dominated the Sydals before
performing twin magic after a double down. Matt Jackson
"kipped up" after feigning an injury, but Mike fought out to
reach his brother for the hot tag. Matt Sydal ran wild on
everyone before crushing Matt Jackson with a brainbuster for

Matt Jackson countered Matt Sydal into perfect Indytaker
position, but the latter fought out and landed a standing
corkscrew moonsault. After a dive from both Sydals, Matt
Sydal hit a hurricanrana on both Bucks and applied a
crucifix pin for a great near fall.

Matt Sydal landed a leaping hurricanrana on Nick, but a
second on Matt Jackson was countered as he was sent crashing
to the mat. Mike tagged in and ran into a low blow with the
official distracted. The Bucks superkicked Matt Sydal off
the apron before killing Mike with the BTE Trigger for the
win. After the match, Brandon Cutler sprayed the Bucks down
with cold spray. SCU came out, with Kazarian recapping that
they haven't lost since making the "if we lose, we break up"
ultimatum. They want the tag titles. Daniels was excited to
wrestle his friends, the Bucks, but he doesn't see his
friends out there, he sees a couple "bitches." They're the
#1 contenders, and they're ready for the Bucks to sign the
dotted line for the match.


Jade Cargill cut a video promo about all the managers in AEW
wanting to sign her, but she's not willing to give a cut of
her money. She's "that bitch."


Alex Abrahantes translated a Penta promo. "Penta says" he's
gonna beat Orange Cassidy to a pulp.

Orange Cassidy (w/ Trent?) defeated Penta El Zero Miedo (w/
Alex Abrahantes)

They both did their schtick at the start, with Cassidy
putting his hands in his pockets and Penta doing the "cero
miedo" chant. Cassidy went for Beach Break and Penta went
for the package piledriver, but both were countered as Penta
eventually hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cassidy got the
upperhand and posed with the thumb up, so Penta just bit his

Penta caught a Cassidy tope suicida and just dumped him on
the apron leading into the break. Once back, Penta landed
multiple gamengiris but was met with a Cassidy crossbody.
Penta countered a DDT into a brainbuster for two. Cassidy
fired up with right hands, but Penta turned the Orange Punch
into a pumphandle driver for two.It looked like Penta was about to hit the arm-snap spot, but
Cassidy fought to put the hand in his pocket. They traded
thrust kicks, with Penta countering the Orange Punch into a
thrust kick and a destroyer. Penta tried for the package
piledriver, but Cassidy turned it into the Beach Break for

Penta landed a face wash kick in the corner, but Cassidy hit
a Stundog Millionaire out of a brainbuster attempt followed
by a diving DDT. A second spinning DDT got two for Cassidy.

Abrahantes grabbed a mic and started to cut a promo, but
Cassidy pulled him into the ring. The distraction allowed
Penta to hit a thrust kick, but Cassidy escaped and grabbed
a mic from Trent, hitting a mic-assisted Orange Punch for
the win.


Britt Baker and Rebel were interviewed by Tony Schiavone.
Baker is the top of the food chain on merch, ratings, and
now the AEW women's division rankings. She said she was
signed to be the face of the women's division, and it's time
for a new champion.


Inner Circle & Pinnacle Parley

This was incredible. Everyone except Spears completely
nailed their promos, with MJF, Santana, and Guevara sticking
out as particularly great.Blood and Guts is next week. Schiavone hosted, bringing out
the Pinnacle first and then the Inner Circle, whose security
detail came out on motorcycles. Schiavone discussed the
rules of the match (it's War Games rules).

They were about to have a coin toss to say who should get
the advantage in who enters first. Spears interrupted and
said the Pinnacle deserves the advantage before calling out
Guevara, saying he'd step on his head while he drowns.
Guevara took the mic and called Spears a failure, both in
AEW and "where he used to work." Guevara said he'd start the
match, and he doesn't care who has the advantage. The
Pinnacle will have the advantage.

Wheeler spoke next, saying he wants a different version of
Santana and Ortiz at Blood and Guts, not the sanitized
version that follows Jericho around. Harwood says he's not
afraid to die before talking about Santana and Ortiz's kids.
He recommended that they tell their kids "Daddy ain't coming
back home." Ortiz calmed down his partner, and Santana said
FTR would be locked in a cage with them. FTR have never been
locked up like they have.

MJF addressed Jericho, thanking him and putting over his AEW
career so far. However, Jericho must be feeling a lot of
pressure. If Jericho doesn't do well, he could be affecting
the food on the table of every man and woman in the company.
He said Jericho looks exhausted, so next week, MJF will take
Jericho's crown and replace Jericho at the top of the
mountain. When that happens, he will thank Jericho once

Jericho called MJF a "self-righteous, self-gratifying little
prick." He said MJF can't just inherit a spot. When Jericho
was 25 years old, he'd already headlined arenas around the
world in Japan and Mexico, because he'd learned the respect
required to put him at the top of this game. If MJF wants
Jericho's spot, he's gotta beat him. He said "we *are* Blood
and Guts," as the Inner Circle have been together since day
one. If 1969 was the Summer of Love, 2021 is the summer of
pain and violence. At Blood and Guts, summer starts early
for MJF.


Eddie Kingston vs. Michael Nakazawa never happened. Kingston
cut a promo before the match saying he wasn't doing this
sports entertainment crap. He told Nakazawa to get out of
the ring.

Omega walked out and said they should be paying Kingston
back for what he and Moxley did. Nakazawa attacked Kingston
with his laptop, but Kingston countered it into an exploder
suplex and a spinning backfist. Kingston wrapped a chair
around Nakazawa's leg and demanded that Omega get in the
ring, or he'd break his ankle. Omega said Nakazawa knew what
he signed up for before bringing out Brandon Cutler, who had
already been attacked by Jon Moxley who ran out.Moxley choked Omega out with a sleeper and told Callis he
wants a tag match with Omega and Nakazawa. Callis obliged,
and the match was signed for next week.


Taz was interviewed by Schiavone. Brian Cage is the new #1
contender, but Taz wanted to talk about Christian Cage, who
arrived. Christian interrupted him, saying Taz used to be
one of the baddest dudes in the ring, but now he basks in
the accolades of his associates just so he can feel like
that again. Taz didn't come back to wrestling, but Christian
did. Christian is happy to take out Team Taz one by one.


Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Penelope Ford
(w/ Kip Sabian)

They laid in strikes right away before Statlander landed a
powerslam and a press slam. Ford came back and went for a
knee drop, but Statlander rolled out of the way, forcing
Ford's knees into the apron. Statlander booped Ford on the
floor, but a distraction from Sabian allowed Ford to hit the
knee drop.

Back from break, the two exchanged forearms until Statlander
hit a lariat STO. Statlander attacked in the corner with a
running knee before a Blue Thunder bomb got two. Ford came
back with a diving blockbuster for two. Statlander came back
on her own with as Solar Eclipse for two.

Statlander laid in ground and pound but ran into a high kick
from Ford for two. Ford went for a handspring move, but
Statlander countered it into a Big Bang Theory. Sabian tried
to distract the official, but Cassidy stopped him, allowing
Statlander to pick up the win.**********

Preston "10" Vance cut a promo video ahead of his TNT
Championship match. He talked about his memories with Mr.
Brodie Lee as well as wanting to bring the title back to the
Dark Order. This was wonderful.


The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, & Aaron Solow) (w/
Anthony Ogogo) defeated The Nightmare Family (Dustin Rhodes,
Billy Gunn, & Lee Johnson)

The two teams fought before the bell, with each member
pairing off to brawl on the outside. Eventually the Factory
isolated Gunn in the ring, who had his ribs taped after the
gut punch from Anthony Ogogo last week.

Dustin tagged in and faced off with Comoroto, hitting his
drop-down right hand before being flattened with a back
elbow, leading to the commercial break. Throughout, the
Factory dismantled Dustin with frequent tags and double
teams. Once back, Dustin hit a powerslam, allowing him to
reach Johnson for the hot tag.

Johnson ran wild on everyone, concluded with a back elbow
into a neckbreaker followed by a kip-up. It was just Johnson
and Solow in the ring, with Johnson hitting a Blue Thunder
bomb for two. Johnson fought off Solow and Comoroto before
landing a corkscrew dive, but with the official distracted,
Ogogo killed Johnson and Gunn with gut punches. The punch
was enough for Marshall to pin Johnson for the win.

After the match, Comoroto attacked Dustin with a cow bell.
The Factory walked to the back, but Marshall decided to
taunt some more, where he was attacked by the Gunn Club. The
Factory ran back out and brawled with the Gunn Club as
Marshall walked out to the Nightmare Express bus, where he
was surprised by a returning Cody Rhodes.Marshall tried to escape on top of the bus, but was cornered
by Cody, who took him down and applied the Figure Four.
Marshall frantically tapped as the show ended.


Next week for AEW Dynamite: Blood and Guts

Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall
Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie
Britt Baker in action
AEW Tag Team Eliminator four-way: SCU vs. Jurassic Express
vs. Varsity Blonds vs. The Acclaimed
Two weeks from now:

IWGP US Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Yuji Nagata

Cameras caught up to Kip Sabian backstage, where he tried to
talk to Miro. Miro just killed him, tossing him into a
garage door and choking him with a chain before stuffing him
in a locker. He then slammed a door on Sabian arm before
"forgiving" Sabian.


TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) (w/ Sting) defeated 10 (w/
Dark Order)

10 looked impressive here as they played off the size
discrepancy well.

They established 10's power advantage early on. Allin tried
to out-wrestle the bigger man but was flattened with a
shoulder block. Allin fought out of a suplex and clawed at
10's mask, but 10 powered out with a backbreaker. Allin took
10 down with a chop block, but 10 shrugged off a dive,
sending Allin crashing to the mat into the commercial.

Back from break, 10 press slammed Allin to the mat before
powering out of a triangle hold with a powerbomb. Allin came
back with a stunner and applied the Fujiwara armbar. 10
tried to escape, but Allin rolled through and re-applied the
armbar in the center of the ring, forcing 10 to fight to
reach the ropes.

They spilled to the floor where 10 regained control, sending
Allin into the barricade. Upon re-entry, however, Allin
hopped to the top rope and dove onto 10 and Alan Angels with
a flipping senton. Sting and the Dark Order faced off as the
two competitors recovered. With the official distracted,
Ethan Page attacked Allin, sending him into the ring post.

10 was conflicted after the attack but the Dark Order told
him to continue the attack. He landed a wheelbarrow German
for two. Allin came back by tearing at the mask, but 10
caught Allin on a Coffin Drop attempt, turning it into a
full Nelson. Allin faded but rebounded off the ropes,
cradling 10 for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Ethan Page distracted Sting and Allin,
allowing Scorpio Sky to attack. Sky dismantled Allin's leg
until Lance Archer ran out to make the save as the show

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