Acero8217s AEW Dynamite Review 4.7.21

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Its Windsday, Rabbit.

Id like to be clear that my one week of rating AEW a 6.8 has nothing to do with how badly RAW sucks. They handle that all on their own, with little no help, and as much as I love all of you, not a single reader sways what I think and how.

Its Wednesdayyou know what that means.

We start Dynamite similar to last week, with The Pinnacle showing up via private jet, only this time its The Inner Circle, each with their own black car. Jericho comes out from stage right in a lambo to be the coolest. Ok, I have to admit, I dont know if it was a Lambo. Imma say it was though.

Match 1: Hangman Adam Page vs Max Castor

Bowens gets his teeth kicked in by Page just as the bell rings. Page grabs Max and sends him to the corner, then bashes his head in a few times before stomping a mudhole. Page whips Max to the ropes, hits a clothesline, keeping Max standing, then goes for a suplex. Max lands on his feet, turns, Page catches and hits a Fallaway Slam, then kips up. Locks the head, snap suplex. Cover for 1NO! Max fights Page into the corner, gets shoved, and Page kicks high in the chin. Page works the arm, then snapmares Max down and kicks the shoulder. Page with a running senton and a cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Max rolls out of the ring. Ma pulls Page out, blocks a right, sends Max into the barricade arm first then back into the ring. Page gets in the face of Anthony, then turns back to the ring and enters. He gets dropkicked. Rights to Page, stomps to the right arm. Right to the back. Whip to the ropes, reversed, Page sends Max over the top rope! Kick to Max, hes off the apron, Page flies over the top rope directly onto Max.

Page chops Max up, then enters the ring to break the count. Back out now, and he whips, which is reversed. He sends Max onto the barricade, dick first, then hops over and stands atop the barricade. He hits a flying clothesline as Anthony watches ringside. Page grabs the boombox The Acclaimed loves to use, and moves it out of his way. He sends Max into the ring, grabs the leg and pulls it towards the corner, looking to crotch him, but Max pulls Page into the post. Max distracts, and Bowens sends Page into the barricade then into the ring. Max works the arm, drops Page hard, then slams the arm onto the mat. He drives some knees to the arm. Max works the arm behind Page with a hammerlock. He pulls back on the face, Page flips Max forward then hits a right hand to the forehead. Clothesline, misses a clothesline, SPINEBUSTER!!! Max is up in the corner, Page runs and hits a huge clothesline then puls him to the center, ducks under a right, eats an elbow, kicks up, Max catches, Page spins, EXPLODER!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Max on the apron. Page follows. Lookin for Dead Eye.Max escaspes, kicks Page, Page with a right, Max with a right. They go back and forth. Throat thrust to Page, attacking the shoulder mostly, but Page lifts and drops Max on his back, on the apron! He sends Max towards the barricade and enters the ring. Page to the top rope. Bowens on the apron. He yells at Page. Knox tries to stop him, Max runs up the corner, slips a bit, regains composure, and hits a superplex to Page! He hooks the arm behind Page, mounting the back. Page reaches the ropes. Rope break. Page flies with a huge hit, then he sets up max on the shoulder, Bowens slides the boombox into the ring. Page catches it, dropping Max. Rick grabs the bombox, and Bowens slides his big ass chain into the ring. Max punches Page right in the face. He covers, Knox turns around. 1..2..NO!!! Max to the top rope! He goes for the elbow drop, Page rolls out of the way to the apron. He stands.

Tries for the Buck Shot, but Bowens grabs the foot!!! Kick to Max. Moonsault to Bowens! BUCKSHOT TO Max! Cover for 12.3!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
Im not a big fan of Page kicking out of the boombox attack, as its been used to much success before, and if it wasnt going to here, we really didnt need to see that spot specifically. You could also see some moments of Maxs youth come into play, moving from one move to another much to his detriment. But its really hard to hate Page and his skillset. A good opening
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:03

Schiavone is in the middle of the ring. He wants to introduce a great team The Death Triangle.

Out come Pac, Rey, and Penta. Tony says they get their shot at the tag team champs next week.

ORANGE FREAKIN CASSIDY interrupts!!!! What a beautiful man. Hes out with Chuck and Trent and Statlander.

Orange says its really nice to see all three of them together in the ring again.

We get a preview of Revolution last year when Death Triangle murdered Orange Cassidy, then to Dynamite on 5/13/20 when they attacked him again.

Chuck says its been awhile, but they still remember.

Rey and Penta call them crazy, but Pac tells him to relax. He understands why they are here. Clearly, they see the writing on the wall. They want a shot at the next AEW Tag Team Champions. Pac say they have a lot of work to do and are far from worthy.

Trent says they have to work their way back up, yes, they know. But they are the tag team with more wins than anyone else in this company. He tells them to calm down, because they are only out here to give them a little heads up. The boys are back in town. Oh, and they have an alien wit them, too.

Nice little Toy Story nod.

Cute and all, but I never liked interviews that dont actually start or get interrupted and never conclude. Like, do they just not ask the question they intended to? Does Pac not get to say what he wanted? Id be heated.

THE INNER CIRCLE IS HERE! Theyre all wearing black, lookin relatively badass.

Jericho starts like a true Front Man, saying Jacksonville sounds great, then tells us well hear from them after the break.

WE RETURN to The Inner Circle getting a nice chant.

Jericho says they are The Inner Circle, and they are back in black. Jericho says one month ago, they were given a beatdown of a lifetime by The Pineapple. That beatdown taught them a lot. Stitches and a wakeup call. Theyve made a lot of bad decisions that hurt a lot of people, and hurt people, and they apologize to all of us. Those decisions were caused by MJF. Jerichos jerk-off friend. His friend says he outsmarted them because MJF is intellifent. Jericho says he is not smart at certain things. High School chemistry, he was terrible. His teacher asked him if he was on dope. Who even is smart in chemistry? He is smart, though, in pro-wrestling, and thats why he brought MJF into the Inner Circle. To keep him under his thumb. He knows how dangerous MJF is, how much personality and potential he has. He wanted to suck all the life out of him. They knew MJF would figure it out, and they were ready to kick his ass, but they didnt think MJF would be one step ahead of them. He then says MJF was oranger than Cassidy with more streaks than the bowl of the toilet he shoved MJFs head in last week.

Jericho says MJF is only 25. When Jericho was 25, he was still having wet dreams, yet here MJF is at the pinnacle of the pro-wrestling business. MJF says hell get better with age, but he doesnt want to wait for age. He wants to be better than Jericho now. MJF must go smaller, take baby steps, be better than Peter Avalon or that stupid scarf hes been wearing. Jericho rocked the scarf gimmick five years ago. Jericho has an old clipboard MJF can use, though.

MJF listens to the critics, the fans, and MJF runs backstage after every match and promo to see how he did. This is called being a Mark, but Jericho wants to change that to Being a Max. He will never be better than Jericho, and he knows it. This is causing the fine wine in the brain to ferment and sour, and look at the sour men MJF has aligned himself with. Lets talk about Tully.

The greatest mind in pro-wrestling? Hes the third string member of The Four Horseman, ranking between Ole and Paul Roma. FTR? Maybe one of the greatest, but theyre interchangeable who is who? Theyre like The Jonas Brothers; good, amazing, but Jericho doesnt know their names. And Spears? Such a great upside. Jerichos never seen it. All he saw was the Spears number on his phone when he was fired from The Fed. Aligning with MJF is as smart as a blonde mohawk. And Wardlow? A million dollar brain, 13 cent body, and he is so stupid that he needs to strip naked to count to 21. Compare this to Inner Circle.

Jericho officially goes face, saying they have the fans behind them, and they like to fight. They will shove the faces of The Pinnacles up each others asses with MJF in the back. They want blood and violence, and why play grab ass anymore.

May 5, 2021 The Pinnacle vs The Inner Circle. Blood and Guts Match.

Theyre going to beat the living shit out of The Pinnacle. The worst is yet to come, and god help them for it.

Match 2: Bear Country vs Jurassic Express

All four men get in each others face, but we get to Lucha and Jungle Boy clearing the ring. Jungle with a suicide dive, another back to Bronson. He hits a third, this time flying over the top, but Bear Country catches him! Too bad, though, because Lucha flies over the top rope onto Bear Country. Lucha toss Boulder into the ring, gets a tag and whips Bronson into Lucha for a splash. Right hands to the chest. Lucha shoves, tag to Boulder who hets whipped into a kick, blocked, Lucha hops over, flips ofrwawrd, tag to JB, who flies off for a hurricanrana, but Boulder catches him. Lucha flies off the top rope, looks like Boulder was supposed to catch him. Lucha just bounces off as Boulder slams Jungle Boy down hard.

We return to Boulder hitting a back body drop on Jungle Boy. Tag to Bronson, who come in to send JB into the corner. Kick to Bronson, elbow to Boulder. Tag to ronson, both men in to stop the tag. They flip JB over their head, h rolls through, tag to Lucha, shoulder tackle, kick, another kick to Boulder, sends Bronson into the corner, rights, left, right, GERMAN! Tail whip kick to Boulder. Clothesline to Boulder. GOOZLE TO BOULDER!!! GOOZLE TO BRONSON! They block, he kicks the arms, kicks both men, tries for a splash, lands on the apron, headbutt to Boulder, Lucha to the top, Boulder attacks the midsection. Boulder clims to the top,GOOZLE! Boulder with a headbutt!! He hooks the head. To the top! SUPERPLEX TO LUCHASAURUS!!! Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Jungle Boy stops the pin, he gets sent to the apron by Bronson. JB off the top rope with a DDT!!! Lucha lifts Boulder!!! He slams him down! But Bronson is here to PILEDRIVE JUNGLE BOY ONTO THE PIN!!!! Bronson up in the corner. He calls for Boulder to come grab him on his back. They run with a cannoball senton ONTO Luchasaurus into the corner! Cover for 1..2N!O!!! Tag to Bronson, who heads to the top rope. Boulder lifts him on the shoulders, drops him onto Lucha. Cover for 1..2..NO!!

Lucha with a chokeslam. Standing moonsault. Cover for 123!!

Winners: Jurassic Express
That was NOT pretty. Not to say it was the worst thing ever, but a hell of a lot of sloppiness that could easily take you out of the match, as it most certainly took me out.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: Approx 10 minutes

QT has a promo for Cody, talking about friendship, saying hes only ever done the work for Cody, and he is sick of the narrative that Cody helped him. QT has credentials, like when Cody was second fiddle to Ted Jr, or he was in facepaint, but Cody surrounded himself with vanilla midgets to feel like a superstar, but he surrounded himself with men who trust him. Aaron Solow will NEVER be known as just somebodys boyfriend. Sick.

We get a small promo from Ogogo who says he knocks people out for pleasure. This is shitty America, and all of us Yanks are going to learn soon enough. This is his fucking factory. Nice.

BACK TO THE RING, Tony is awaiting Sting. Before Sting can get a word out, Jake Roberts has something to say. Archer rushes him as he defines insanity. Archer is sick and tired of the agenda in AEW. Ring Archer in, put him to the top, take him away, fight Moxley, go away. The world will pay attention to him, and Sting will pay attention to him, too. Its Archers time. He should be in the main event, Sting. This should be he and Tony, Sting. This is his time, Sting. Sting RIPS the mic from Archer.

Sting tells Archer to zip up his mouth for a minute. He agrees. Archer is a main event guy, and he disappears, and he doesnt understand that, either. He tells Jake to help Archer get to the main event the right way.

BACKSTAGE, TEAM TAZ is here. Starks wants to hear from Brian Cage. Taz says no, not this time. Starks is instigating, and he needs to stop. They need to get on the same page. They need to be smart they have an offer on the table to Christian, that MIGHT HAPPEN! Starks understands. Ok.

Match 3: Darby Allin vs JD Drake

Lockup! Drake gets Darby into the corner, misses a chop, another, Darby with a side headlock. Drake lifts him and toses Dar into the corner, Darby kicks out of the corner, shoves, hits the corner, chop to Darby! Darby rolls to the outside. Darby hops to the apron, shoves the face, and calls Drake out. Drake waits for Darby to enter the ring, Darby calls him to the outside, Drake takes the bait, Darby enters the ring, kicks Drake who is now on the outside. Darby hits the ropes! He flies with a sick ass crossbody, then heads to the top rope. He flies. SHOULDER BLOCK FROM JD DRAKE!!! Nemeth talks some shit, but Sting is there with his bat to back Nemeth up. Drake with a running senton on the back of Darby in the middle of the ring. Sting chases Ryan all the way to the outside area.

In the ring, Drake hits a right hand, Drake drives a knee into the face of Darby. Cover for 12..NOO!!! Drake turns Darby, body slam to Darby, headbutt!

We come back to the match, and JD is on the top rope, but he climbs down instead after some thought. He heads to the outside and fights Darby. Darby with a right, someone is outside of the ring holding his knee??

Darby backs off the ropes, and JD hits him HARD! Looks like Cezar is holding his knee outside of the ring. JD rolls into the ring, and back out. He runs with a cannonball, but Darby moves! JD hits barricade! Darby ot the top rope! He flies!!! Bononi is there to help with the catch! Darby rolls back into the ring. JD to the apron. He enters before the count. Darby with punches to the back of the head. Darby to the top rope, JD trips him up! Tree of Woe! Drake kicks him in the back then hangs him upside on. Darby with a right hand, Drake lifts Darby up and chops his back! Ouch. Darby falls back into the Tree. Drake rolls awy, then runs and hits a huge cannonball to the hanging Darby!!! Drake to the top rope! Swagger Bomb! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Drake to the top rope. MOONSAULT!!!!! HE MISSES!!! Darby to the top rope! Right hand from Drake. He heads up to the top.

Darby slaps the shit out of Drake! Drake slaps him back! Darby bites the fingers!! CODE RED OFF THE TOP!!!! Darby to the top rope. Coffin Drop! Cover for 1..23!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
Pretty much everything before the break was slow and a little awkward, but once they got back, this match got going and was incredibly fun. Good showing from Drake, as these two got some hard licks in.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:12

Darby stands at the top of the ramp and gets attacked by Butcher and Blade!! Matt Hardy and Co is here to shout some orders!!!! Butcher and Blade grab Darby by the hands and legs. Bunny runs over to the announcers to clear the table, but out comes Sting and The Dark Order!

Bunny is left by herself by the announcers. Tay runs through everyone to attack Bunny!!!

Marvez is backstage with Jericho. Jericho says he looks more handsome than usual, but in come The Pinnacle! They all jump Jericho, taking him to the ring with force. Dax has a light and tries to throw it, but everyone is already taking Jericho into the ring. Lol. They drag Jericho to the ring, and MJF chokes him with his scarf. Tully slaps Jericho in the face. Dax lifts, and Cash helps him with a Spike Piledriver.

We go to a guy saying, theyre down there, theyre down there, go. We see The Inner Circle break through the door in a design that is totally not pre-cut.

Outside, Wardlow grabs Jericho as Spears sets up a table outside.

Before Wardlow can toss Jericho into a bunch of wood, Mike Tyson comes out! He rips his shirt then attacks Shawn Spears with punches! He mounts and punches over and over.

The Inner Circle comes out and Mike Tyson looks like a lost old man. They scream as The Pinnacle leaves.

Jericho and Mike Tyson shake hands in the middle of the ring. Jericho thanks Tyson.

The Pinnacle destroy chairs as Santana becomes the first wrestler to try and get across the barrier that exists when heels and faces want to fight but cant.

Jericho cares more about hugging Tyson, it appears, than jaw-jacking with his jerk off friend.

Britt Baker has a request she wants a title match. But she is ranked 4th. Britt calls the ranking bullshit. It should be based on star power. Britt is on the top. Its not her fault she had to put respect on the division and make history, but she will fix this broken system and climb up, pretending like the wins matter. Tune in to Dynamite, Dark, and Elevation where she will see the Doctor getting her wins up.

Match 4: Tay Conti vs Bunny

The girls start with the fisticuffs, letting you know this shit is real. Bunny attacks the back, sends Tay into the corner face first. Bunny sends Tay into the corner again, and Tay bounces off in a stupor. Bunny steps on the shoulder of Tay as Matt screams from outside. Tay breaks out, hits a toss, running kick in the corner, then another kick sends Bunny to the outside. Tay to the apron. She runs with a kick, Bunny dodges it, Tay tries for another, but Bunny catches the leg and sings Tay into the apron. Bunny with a suplex on the outside. Bunny with a shotgun dropkick INTO Tay, sending her into the barricade!

We come back and Tay is hitting a backbreaker in the middle of the ring. She rushes the corner, misses a knee, and Bunny superkicks her in the chest. Bunny covers for 1..2..N!O!!! Did Bunny just slap herself? Nice. She goes for Down the Rabbit Hole, but Tay elbows out and hits some rights. Matt on the apron, Tay stops before running into him, Bunny almost hits a right, Tay with the TAYKO!!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tay is shocked. Shocked, I say! Bunny turns on the apron and hangs Tay up. Bunny is on the outside. She sees Shida and clocks her with a kendo stick. Dark Order and Hardy Family attack each other!!! Bunny climbs the top rope with Shidas kendo stick. Shida grabs it frm her.

Elbow to Bunny from Tay. Superplex, she holds on, hooks the hammerlock. DDTAY! Cover for 1..2.3!!!

Winner: Tay Conti
Its good to see Bunny fall fully into her character, even if we arent 100% sure yet of what that is. We at least know now that shes nuts. Aside from that, this match suffered the same fate as those before it, with a bit of sloppiness marring an otherwise cohesive match.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 7:41

They run down next week, and it sounds GREAT. Much better than this week, at least.

Match 5: The Young Bucks and Jon Moxley vs The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega

Matt and Karl Anderson start and do absolutely nothing. Nick gets tagged in to face Kenny Omega. They lockup and Omega works the arm. He spins it left, right, works it, Nick flips out of the hold, reverses and arm drags Omega down, Omega kicks him away. Side headlock, reversed, Nick takes him to the ropes, Omega holds on, tackle from Oemga! Nick stands up to the flexin Omega. Locksup again and they hit the ropes, Nick flies over the laid down Omega, hits a hurricanrana, and Omega is to the apron. He rolls outside, frustrated. Omega back in. Tag to naderson. Shove to Nick. Kick from Nick, whip, and naderson mises a right, Nick springboards into an arm drag, dropkick to Anderson, to Omega, Gallows in, breaks a Goozle. Double dropkick to Gallows and in comes Moxley to send him to the outside with a clothlsine. Suicide dive from Jon, and dives from Young Bucks!

The faces re-enter the ring and pose for the break.

WE RETURN to Anderson whipping Matt INTO gallows with a baseball slide. Matt kicks away, lands on his feet off a back supelx, tag to Jon, who ducks under, sends Omega off the apron. Clothelsine to Anderson, another in the corner. Whip to the corner, reversed, Anderson hits a clothesline, chop to Jon, another, Jon is eating it all. Right hand to Anderson, e hits the ropes. GERMAN! Omega in,GERMAN to Him!!! Gallows is next!!!! Anderson on the apron. Jon with a sleeper from behind but Anderson drops to the floor on the outside, re-enters, tags in Gallows. Hits the ropes. Big Boot from Gallows. Luke with an elbow drop. Cover for 12..NO! Headbutt to the side. Boot to the neck of Moxley. Gallows with a punch. He beats down in the corner. Jon falls to his knees. Gallows with a kick to the side of the head. Right hand to Jon in the corner. He runs, Jon stands, Luke grabs the neck, Jon kicks, grabs the wrist, grabs the head, DDT. Tag to Nick. Tag to Anderson. Nick sends Omega off the apron, Anderson missessme rights, Nick hits some kicks. Gallows on the apron. He enters and sends Nick into the corner, Gallows misses a nelbow, high kick to Gallwos, knee, right hand, misses a splash to Anderson, Anderon crotches himself, Nick flies over the top rope and kicks Gallows in the back of the head, stomp to Gallows. Backstabber to Anderson!

Nick rolls over the top rope and kicks Gallows in the face, then he flies over the top rope right into a SPINEBUSTER FROM ANDERSON! Tag to Matt. Tag to Omega. Matt looks to fight, but Omega backs down. He offers the middle of the ring and a lockup then rushes Matt, Matt side steps, hip toss, another, whip to Omega, and a back body drop to Omega! Matt waits, Omega sands, turns, Matt goes for a Superkick, stops, fakes out Omega. DDT TO OMEGA!!! Matt looks to Superkick Omega.BUT HE CANT DO IT!! HE WONT DO IT! Matt stops, considers, grabs Omegas head. Omega slaps the shit out of Matt, another slap, another, another. Matt is pised, seething. He shoots and mounts, hitting a bunch of rights, over and over. Gallows with a kick! Nick flies off the top rope with a missile drokick. Jon with a clothesline, sending Gallows out. Anderson in. Eats a superkick. Snap Dragon Suplex to Matt from Omega!!! Omega grabs Matt, double underhook. Another Snap Dragon! Omega hits the ropes, Jon in. CLOTHESLINE!!! Matt with a piledriver! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!! Matt checks on Omega, asking if he is ok. Matt gets Omega on his shoulders, nick is on the corner, we get a More Bang for Your Buck! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! In comes Anderson to stop the pin. Nick sends him out of the ring. Nick hits the corner, flies with a flip onto The Good Brothers. Matt in the ring, checking on Omega yet again. Nick yells at Matt to finish it. Nick grabs Omega, Matt doesnt want to hurt him. Jon stands on the corner, looking for the end. BTE Trigger setup, but Matt cant do it. Nick is pissed. Jon rushes the ring and tells them to do it already. Matt says ok, grabs Omega.

Nope. Matt cant do it. Jon is pissed. He enters the ring. PARADIGM SHIFT! He grabs Omega, wants to do it again. A second Paradigm Shift!! SLEEPER HOLD TO OMEGA!!! He turns Omega, looking for another Paradigm Shift, but The Young Bucks Superkick Moxley!!!

Eddie Kingston rushes the ring, and The Good Brothers attack him!!! MAGIC KILLER TO EDDIE KINGSTON ON THE STAGE!

The Good Brothers enter the ting and hit Moxley with The Magic Killer. They drag Omega over for a pin. 1..2.3!!!

Winners: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers
This would have been much much much more impactful had we cared about The Young Bucks even a little over the past few months, but because of their inconsistencies and necessity to book themselves haphazardly, this left me with more of an eye-rolling feeling while Matt struggled to hurt Omega, especially considering weve seen Matt be a complete tool and assshole numerous times before. I get the story, and I love it I really do but the characters are just.not strong enough. And I am referring to The Young Bucks specifically.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 16:30

After the match, The Good Brothers and Omega hold up Moxley and The Young Bucks superkick him. Omega holds Too Sweet up, but Mat wont do it, and they all hug in the center of the ring.

End Show

The 411
The problem with a two hour show is the same reason why its so easy to enjoy a two hour show: the tight-knit show leaves little room for error and fluff. This means when the show is on, its all the way on, cutting the fat and giving us all the juicy goodness that is AEW. The problem, however, si because its only two hours, whenever they are minor issues, they become glaring. Nearly every match had a botch of some sort that, although minimal at times, obvious to the point that it makes the entire episode look a bit on the weaker side. Page and Max should have been crisp, but it seemed like Page was covering the tracks of the rookie Max. Bear Country and Jurassic Express was just a mess, and no amount of times of JR calling it bowling-shoe ugly will make what we saw ok. Darby and Drake showed they could have had a solid match with the second half of awesomeness they gave us, but the first few minutes just dragged and were relatively overbooked. All in all, a weak entry to a show on a night where they had some competition. There was a lot of good, dont get me wrong, but this was indyriffic, and not in the good way. Then again, anything is better than a choo-choo train.

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