AAA Guerra de Titanes Results Killer Kross Joins Los Ingobernables

– AAA held their Guerra de Titanes in Ciudad Madero, Mexico on Saturday night, which featured Killer Kross joining Los Ingobernables, Sin Cara’s surprise appearance and more. You can check out the full results below, per Wrestling With Demons:

* Patriarch, Syndrome, Shura and Sinner beat Harley, Hijo de Eclipse, Disturb and Lumino in a pre-show match.

* Aramis, Octogoncito, and Dinastia defeated La Parkita Negra, Arez Mini Psycho Clown. Dinastia got the pin on Negra after a super hurricanrana and standing shooting star press. I hope Aramis is okay. He did a flip off the ropes and landed on his feet in the ring really bad and started limping. It looked like he could have twisted or broke his ankle. Then several seconds later there was a dive between him and Arez outside the ring and he landed bad on the top of his head. They brought him in the ring for the post match celebration and he was still limping.

The Lucha Brothers came out for a promo. They said they are happy to be back after representing Mexico worldwide. They said they have a message for Konnan that they will take on anyone he wants. Fenix said he wants to regain the Mega Title. He said Konnan doesnt play fair and they are the best in the world.

* Mr. Iguana, Nino Hamburguesa, and Mascarita Dorada def. Demus, Villano III, Jr., and Latigo. Dorada pinned Demus with the satellite rotation into a cradle. Demus unmasked him during the match and a little kid appeared at ringside to give him another mask. It was a mask of Mascarita Sagrada.

* Ayako Hamada, Keyra, and Abismo Negro, Jr. beat Tito Santana, Carta Brava Jr. & Mocho Cota Jr., and Octagon Jr., Taya Valkyrie & Faby Apache in a Lumberjack Match. Brava, Cota, and Santana pinned Apache after hitting all their finishers on her and a fast count from rudo referee Tirantes. Apache had Brava pinned put Titantes only counted one. Valkyrie, Hamada, and Octagon took everyone out with dives on the outside before the finish. The lumberjack were the rest of the roster on the show.

* Killer Kross, Taurus, Texano Jr., and Chessman defeated Willie Mack, Puma Kimg, Murder Clown, and Pagano. Kross pinned Mack after the Doomsday Suplex. Brian Cage was advertised to be in the match but Mack replaced him. Rey Escorpion was doing guest commentary and he ran in after the match to help the rudos attack Pagano. All of a sudden music played and Sin Cara ran out to clear the ring and make the save on Pagano. Cara cut a promo and said he was home and he was with AAA. He told the fans hell see them next year. Pagano got on the mic and welcomed Cara home and said AAA needed him.

* Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix defeated Hijo del Vikingo & Myzteziz Jr. and Australian Suicide & Rey Horus. Pentagon pinned Suicide after the package piledriver and double stomp finisher with Fenix. After the match, Konnan came out on the stage and Killer Kross attacked Pentagon and Fenix from behind. Argenis got in the ring and attacked Myzteziz and unmasked him. Vampiro came out and said he was sick of Konnan and wanted to settle it one on one. Konnan refused and left the ring. Kross jumped Vampiro from behind then Titanes and Konnan joined him in the attack.

* Big Mami (with Octagoncito) defeated Lady Maravilla (with Villano III Jr.) in a hair vs. hair match. Mami got the pin after the splash off the ropes and help from Nino Hamburguesa. This was wild and it lived up to all of the hype and build up. Maravilla did a dive off the top rope rope on Mami as Mami was dancing with a fan in the front row during her usual ring entrance. Maravilla overshot her and landed in the front row. She grabbed a beer and threw it in Mamis face. Maravilla dominated the first few minutes of the match and repeatedly hit Mami in the head with a metal sheet and a chair. Mami bled early on. Maravilla came off the top rope and gave her a splash on the floor. Mami gained control by powerbombing Maravilla on the metal sheet in the ring. Later, Mami gave her a powerbomb off the ring and a DVD through a table at ringside. Villano interfered a few times and Octagoncito wasnt much of a counter. Mami had to also deal with Tirantes as the referee and Keyra later got involved to help Maravilla. Nino Hamburguesa ran down to make the save as Mami was being stomped by all the rudos. He took out Tirantes with a leg drop and gave Maravilla a powerbomb to set up the finish. Maravilla got her hair cut with scissors then shaved a lot with a razor. Hamburguesa got on the mic and apologized to Mami for everything. Mami said she was happy and thanked him for his help. She said they can be tag partners for life.

There was a victory party for Mami and the Strippers Big trio came out to give her lap dances.

* Rush, Blue Demon Jr. & Rey Escorpion defeated Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr., and Drago. Rush pinned Pyscho after a triple team powerbomb through a table. The match went on for a long time then Konnan sent in L.A. Park and Killer Kross to attack everyone and assist Rush in the finish. Kross gave Wagner a piledriver. They also went after Demon and took his mask along with Pyschos and Dragos masks.

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