Zayn on More Freedom at WWE House Shows recently interviewed WWE Superstar Sami Zayn ahead of WWE’s live event in Florence, South Carolina. Below are some highlights.

Zayn on getting to face AJ Styles in a cage match: This is a huge match. A.J. has kind of been the face of SmackDown Live, and its a great opportunity for us to put on a great show.

Zayn on exploring the heel side of his character: Its been interesting exploring the other side of things. Im still aligned with Kevin Owens, and our stories kind of link together.

Zayn on the Smackdown Superstars working hard to surpass Raw: Weve got a lot of hungry guys. Raw has been the big show forever, and were all working twice as hard to make the show as good as possible. We might all be working for the same company, but theres a lot of competition, and that makes for a better product.

Zayn on the liberty for working at house shows: When we come to Florence, that will be the first day of our travel rotation. That means we will all be fresh, and I think the show is going to be a rocking one. A lot of us really prefer the house shows, because theres a lot of liberty that comes with it, and theyre just straight up wrestling shows. One way or another, youre guaranteed a great show.

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