Xavier Woods Could Be Pulled From RAW

One detail left out of yesterday’s story about Paige is that in addition to the various nude photos and the sex tape with Brad Maddox, there’s another video in which Maddox filmed Paige having sex with Xavier Woods. Since Xavier Woods is one-third of one of WWE’s hottest acts and merchandise movers, this has led to speculation that The New Day may be pulled from RAW until Wrestlemania.

Former WWE writer Brian Maxwell Mann commented on the situation on Twitter, noting that it’s absolutely possible that the New Day might be absent from Monday’s RAW. He wrote:

WWE has still not released a statement on the matter, even though both Paige and Woods are still employed with the company. While there has been speculation either one or both of them could be punished in some way, neither were responsible for the footage getting leaked. It remains to be seen what, if any, action is taken by the WWE. WWE is a publicly traded company and former CEO Linda McMahon is currently serving in the Trump administration, which could lead to WWE taking some action.

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