WWE/TOTAL BELLAS: Total Bellas season four, episode two recap

Posted on 1/22/119 by Colin Vassallo

The second episode of this season of Total Bellas is full of
drama, family, and body issues.

Since giving birth to her daughter, Birdie, Brie Bellas
body has gone through many changes; from the added baby
weight of pregnancy to losing all the weight again after
Birdies birth, this Diva has been through it all. Brie was
especially pleased by the enlarging of her small breasts
during pregnancy and while nursing. However, once Birdie
decided she was ready for baby formula, Bries breasts
seemed to deflate almost overnight. This left her feeling
extremely self-conscious in an industry where so much
emphasis is still placed on how female wrestlers look. So,
Brie began to explore whether a plastic surgeons knife could
put back what nature had taken away.

There were two problems with Brie using plastic surgery as a
solution, however, the first is that her husband, Daniel
Bryan, has a passion for nature, and all things natural and
therefore was strongly opposed to his wife getting breast
augmentation. Further complicating the situation, is the
couples strong desire to begin trying for baby number two
sometime soon.

Brie was wondering how adding silicone to her breasts would
affect nursing possibilities for her second child. In order
to address all the questions, Brie decided to to meet with a
plastic surgeon while in New York City for WWEs second-
biggest pay-per-view, SummerSlam. When Brie met with the
surgeon he suggested that she wait until after giving birth
to baby number two because her body would change again with
the second baby. So, at least for now, Bryan doesnt need to
worry, his wifes body will remain exactly as God made it.

Brie wasnt the only Bella caught up in family drama on this
episode: her newly single twin sister, Nicole, was caught in
a web of their mothers making.

Apparently, the Bella family matriarch has decided that
Nicole has had a sufficient amount of time to get over her
very public breakup with John Cena and should return to the
dating scene. So, while drinking in a New York City bar,
Kathy decided to select a random young man from the busy bar
scene, and invite him to dinner. I think that this was not
only an incredible invasion of Nicoles privacy, but could
have also been extremely dangerous. While Im sure the Total
Bellas team carefully screened Kathys date choice, it would
still scare me if I were to go on a date with a man randomly
selected for me in a bar.

Kathy further complicated the situation by inviting the man,
Andre, to a family dinner. So, not only did Andre have to
impress Nicole but her entire family as well. While I was
impressed with Andres level of daring and poise, I still
think that Kathy should hang up her matchmaking hat

However, the Bellas dont seem to need their mother to add
drama to their livesthey appear to do well on their own.

Even brand-new family members arent exempt from the Bella
Twins drama spreading gene. Their new step-sister, Maya,
joined the family for a great first trip to New York. While
she was there, her father Johnny Laurenaitis, suggested that
she take advantage of her step-sisters wrestling expertise
in order to possibly gain entrance into the business when
she grows up. However, on the limo ride home, Maya confided
to Nicole that she would actually prefer a career in
modeling to one in wrestling. So, Nicole suggested that Maya
take part in a photo shoot for the twins lingerie line,

While this show of sisterly support is commendable, the
twins made one giant mistake; they didnt ask her fathers
permission, or even inform him of her participation. When
Johnny was informed of this he became extremely upset. At
first, the twins believed that Johnny was discouraged about
his daughters not wanting to participate in the wrestling
business, but he made it clear that he would support his
daughter in whatever she chose to do, he would just like to
be informed about it. So, the next time the twins decide to
give career advice to a minor they should remember to ask
parental permission first. But then again, if they dont,
that will only add more drama to future episodes of Total

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