WWE/TITUS ONEIL: Titus ONeils book to be published by ECW Press on August 6

Posted on 4/13/119 by Colin Vassallo

Titus ONeils book Theres No Such Thing As A Bad Kid: How
I Went From Stereotype To Prototype, will be published by
ECW Press on August 6, 2019 in partnership with WWE.

The book will take an inspirational, inside look at Titus
journey from his turbulent childhood years to his current
success as an accomplished WWE Superstar, philanthropist and

Being in WWE provides me a global platform to impact lives
in a positive way, but it doesnt take a Superstar to make a
difference, said Titus ONeil. This is the story of how
one conversation changed my life, how I transformed a
personal tragedy into my own triumph, and how we can all
challenge ourselves and others to do a little bit better.

As a child, Bullard was repeatedly dismissed as a bad kid,
and by the time he was a teenager, he had internalized those
negative labels. He owes his change of outlook on life to an
adult that told him, there is no such thing as a bad kid.
It was then that he began to believe in himself and in his
ability to change his story. Bullard went on to become a
high school All-American, student body Vice President at the
University of Florida, and the first college graduate in his
immediate family.

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